Club Profile

RC Downtown Pasay was conceptualized during a fellowship meeting of RC Sta. Mesa, Manila. Rtn. Pachot Flores the main proponent and PP Diony Magpantay who later on was made DGSR or District Governor Special Representative thought of inviting Rtn. Ninfa Ward, PP of RC Ortigas, QC and a legitimate Pasay City resident to charter a new club and for the latter to serve as Charter President.

After meeting with CP Ninfa and Rtn. Pachot, DGSR Diony brought the idea to the Rotary Club of Paco, Manila, thru Loving President Rex Raz and CP Raffy Sison who calendared an assembly meeting and unanimously approved the first club ever chartered by RC Paco after 10 years of serving its community. RC Downtown Pasay was born out of love as the support came from all of the 44 strong and lovable members of RC Paco.

On January 16, 2003, the first organizational meeting was held at the Networld Hotel, Roxas Blvd. cor. Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City. The membership attendance was impressive. Substantial sectors in the community based on the classification survey were represented. There were businessmen, professionals, educators, government officials, military officials and others. Besides, the group includes past presidents and officers of rotary clubs in other districts. On the second organizational meeting, no less than the Loving District Governor, Rosie D. Go inspired the membership by her presence. The club was able to recruit 30 members, who became the charter members. Majority of the members were able to attend the DISCON 2003 on March 6-8, 2003 and the incoming officers were inducted by no less than RI President Representative Gerald Meigs. RC Downtown Pasay’s application as rotary international member was approved on April 2, 2003 and this club became one of the youngest lovable club of District 3810 during that Rotary Year. The first year of the Club under CP Ninfa was a very memorable and fruitful year, particularly in its service projects. She started the para-legal project at Pasay, adopted the project of AGFO in supporting the wounded and disabled soldiers which is up to the present, one of the flagship projects of the Club. Its charter presentation and induction were celebrated at the AGFO officers club at Camp Aguinaldo at the end of that Rotary Year.

The second President of the club is PP Felix “FEL” A. Brawner under PDG Joel Tinitigan’s term. Gen. Brawner energized and reinvigorated the Rotary Club of Downtown Pasay during his time. The club participated in several district activities including the memorable district presentation during the DISCON, a Broadway musical dance number admired by rotarians and many others. It was a banner year for the club. He was followed by the very energetic and talented PP Luis Alfonso “Tito” G. Dela Cruz under 101 Governor Ed Tumangan in whose time, the Rotary Club of Downtown Pasay was awarded one of the Most Outstanding Clubs and PP Tito as one of the Most Outstanding Presidents in District 3810. It received other major awards. RC Manila Circle with PP Fel Brawner as the (DGSR) District Governor Special Representative was organized during the same year. After PP Tito, PP Libert Acibo took over. He served during PDG Lyn Abanilla’s time. Most of his activities were held in projects at Cogeo, Antipolo and other parts of Rizal. PP Loreto “Lotus” G. Panganiban was next. She brought the club to an active participation in the Jeprocs group and a number of district fellowship activities. Now, during the administration of Pres. Ed Cruz, the club was also honored with several awards, one of which is the recognition of Pres. Ed for his efforts and activities as Legacy President.

Slowly but surely RC Downtown Pasay has made its marked in District 3810’s map. As a young club it is not free of the regular growing pains each club underwent but certainly is ready to face the challenges of rotary in 2009-2010.