Support to Street Children

September, 2008 - (Left Photo) Last September, RCBM Sec. Dodos De la Cruz together with a Street Educator Butch Nerja, from Childhope Philippines, went to Divisoria to meet with street kids and street families in an effort to pave the way to establishing rapport and open communication lines with them for our club's plans of reaching out our helping hands to these marginalized street dwellers. (Middle Photo) In the September visit of RCBM Sec. Dodos in Divisoria, along Tabora Street, just beside Divisoria Mall, he handed out to small kids living along the estero some porridge just to reach out and build a relationship with them. (Right Photo) During the ocular visit last September of Sec. Dodos, took this striking picture of children working in the Divisoria Market area. These children are scavengers and it is worth taking notice that these children are the future of our country. Hence RCBM is fast tracking its plans of extending our programs to these disadvantaged children.