My Dreams for the Club

When I was elected as the next President Nominee in 2008 to be the President of the club for 2011, I did not object because there was still 3 years to prepare (or time to back-out). However with the chartering of a new club by then President Elect Mike Tapado, everything moved very fast as PN Eugene Tan became the President and I became the new PE.  In no time I found myself attending the PETS 1 in Tagaytay and later the PETS 2 in Baguio. Everything in just a flash and here I am attending the Induction Ceremony as the Global President, the 20th President of the Rotary Club of Ermita Manila.

My reluctance 2 years ago was converted to passion, passion to uplift the club to a higher level. I believe that each Handover is like a step in a stair, going up and not going down. Although people in the club should not be treated like workers (in a Company) , the club however, should be run like a Corporation. First it must have a working organization, not just title for people but real working volunteers. A Rotary Club is a Service Club so people who volunteered must be ready to serve not just when it suits their schedule but rather service must be part of their schedule.

Secondly, a club must have resources (people and funds).  Club dues must be paid as the basic membership requirement. How can clubs exist without funds to support its projects or even pay its SAR?

Thirdly, a club must have clear objectives.  Its projects must be clearly defined with objectives, action plans, and measure of success.  Without clear objectives resources (time, money, and efforts) are just wasted.

Fourth, a club must grow. We must increase in membership in order to increase our pool of 3 Tís (Treasure, Talents, and Time).  We must have more quality members in order to increase the productivity of the club in terms of Service.

Fifth but not the least, is to have fun.  People cannot enjoy service if they are not having fun doing it. A club must see to it that the members are happy and enjoying Rotary Service. 

These are my dreams for the club,

  1. To be Organized

  2. To be well funded

  3. To be Objective based

  4. To Grow

To have fun while doing the first four.