Occidental Mindoro Outreach Program


Nov. 16-18, 2012, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro - Eight (8) RCME embarked on a week-end trip to Occ.idental Mindoro for its annual Outreach Program.

This outreach includes:

  1. Tree Planting / Reforestation of a 2-hectare land (donated by Intex and identified by DENR);

  2. Peace Forum and Livelihood Project (Rubber tree cultivation) for rebel returnees and penal colony inmates;

  3. Reading Glasses donation and distribution to rebel returnees and to penal colony inmates and residents;

  4. Donation and construction of the 2nd 11,000 liter water tank;

  5. Donation of 1,000 chewable deworming tablets and vitamins to residents