History of RCMSM



Rotary International District 3810


Birth of the Club and PP Perry Tan Foundation, Inc.


            Originally called the Rotary Club of San Miguel, Manila (RCSMM), the present Rotary Club of Manila San Miguel (RCMSM) was born on June 22, 1983, when Rotary International officially approved its charter in answer to the need for a Rotary Club within the locality of San Miguel, City of Manila, Philippines which heretofore was within the territorial jurisdiction of the then Rotary Club of Manila (RCM).


            RCM President Vince Carlos had among his plans for RCM’s RY 1982-1983, the proposal for the extension of a new club. The RCM Extension Committee was handed the task of getting the proposal moving. RCM Charter President Hernandez, then member of the RC Raha Sulayman suggested the formation of the new club at the district of San Miguel in the City of Manila. San Miguel district, the place where the famous Manila San Miguel Beer was originally brewed, covered within its boundaries famous landmarks like the Malacañan Palace, the official residence, home and seat of power of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, the Roman Catholic Pro-Cathedral that housed the residence and office of then Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin and a host of large colleges and universities.


            CP Al Hernandez suggested to RCM Vice-President Relly Reyes and the Extension Committee Chairman Past President “Doc” Ayesa, the designation of Rotarian Felipe “Ronnie” Buencamino as a possible organizer of the proposed Club.


            After meeting with Vince Carlos, Relly Reyes and Doc Ayesa, Ronnie Buencamino eventually accepted the task of assisting the Extension Committee in organizing the new Club.


Incidentally, in October 1982, Demetrio “Demy” Quirino, Jr. was expanding the 5’AM Club, a health-conscious group which held daily calisthenics in Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila from 5 to 6 o’clock in the morning. Demy, together with the local Barangay Chairman Jun Fajardo and Lawyer Gil Vergara visited Ronnie at home one morning, to recruit him to join the club. This marked the start of a long friendship between Ronnie and Demy.


            Ronnie, in return, sought the help of Demy, lawyer Art “Macho” Llanes, RC Cotabato PP Tony Yupiton, and Manny Tan a former Manila Jaycee member, in organizing the new Rotary Club. Twelve members of the 5’AM Club, led by Demy Quirino formed the nucleus of the new Club. Later one of its earliest acts as a Rotary Club was to adopt the 5’AM club as its physical fitness project.


            After two months, the organizers came up with 76 classifications and some 60 names as prospective members. On December 9, 1982, Ronnie Buencamino submitted the list of prospective members to Doc Ayesa, started actively recruiting charter members and hosted the initial meeting on January 8, 1983 at the Milky Way Restaurant on Aguado Street San Miguel Mansion. The purpose of this meeting was to get to know each other and to distribute brochures and disseminate information on Rotary.


             Doc Ayesa met the prospective members during the first regular weekly meeting held on January 15 at the Philippine Columbian Clubhouse and briefed them on what Rotary is all about. He also answered questions during the open forum.


            On February 24, 1983, with the members of the provisional club in full attendance, the Rotary Club of Manila at its regular meeting at then the Manila Hilton approved the provisional club status of RCSMM. President Vince Carlos signed the RCM conferment while Interim President Ronnie Buencamino signed in behalf of RCSMM.


            Following this event were club assemblies to discuss the Club’s Constitution and By- Laws and Rotary Information. The organization meeting and election of interim directors and officers of the provisional club was held during this period. Ronnie Buencamino was elected Charter President (CP), with Demy Quirino as Charter Vice-President (CVP) and Manny Tan as Club Secretary (CS).


            The charter of the Rotary Club of San Miguel Manila was finally approved on June 22, 1983. The Charter Presentation and Induction of Officers and Directors were held on August 27, 1983 at Hotel Mirador at San Marcelino Street, Manila. Thirty-five members comprised the new Club, with CP Ronnie Buencamino becoming the first Paul Harris Fellow of the Club.


The RCMSM Foundation


            The Rotary International approved the Club’s change of name from RC San Miguel Manila (RCSMM) to RC Manila San Miguel (RCMSM) in April 8, 1996.


On June 18, 1991, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) certified the filing of the articles of incorporation of the San Miguel (Manila) Rotary Foundation, Inc. The SEC later approved the amendment of the name of the foundation on August 21, 1998 to PP Perry Tan (RCMSM) Foundation, Inc. in honor of RCMSM Past President Perry Tan.


Club Community Service and Humanitarian Projects


            The RCMSM had numerous community service and humanitarian projects under the leadership of its very active club presidents over the years.


            CP Ronnie Buencamino started a Scholarship program with an outlay of          P16, 000.00 for every scholar or a total of P48, 000.00 for three (3) scholars. The Club also extended five College Scholarship Grants for a five-year Engineering Course to CARITAS, a Catholic Charitable Organization and donated P5,000.00 to the “Food Bag Brigade” of the same organization to subsidize meals for the indigents.


            PP Demy Quirino, Jr. sought to improve education through the donation of 2,320 text and reference books to 3 public high schools, and added 11 more scholarship grantees to the original 3 scholarships started by CP Buencamino. The total outlay of P140,000.00 who covered stipends and miscellaneous fees.


            PP Artemio “Art” Q. LLanes held “Operation Damayan sa Negros” by providing food to pre-schoolers in Negros Province. The operation was followed by “Damayan Dugtong-Buhay,” a 2-day blood-letting, a campaign which collected a total of 1,369 bottles of blood, a record at that time in the history of the Philippine National Red Cross.


            During PP Ernie Guerrero’s term, the Club sponsored “Operation Dugtong-Buhay,” another blood letting campaign in cooperation with Technological Institute of the Philippines and the Philippine National Red Cross. The Club came up with 1,449 bags of blood –considered at that time as the “Bloodiest” in the entire Philippines for a single day drive. The Club was able to send eleven (11) children to the United States for free medical treatment. This was made possible with the assistance of the William C. Pitsenburg Foundation of Seattle, Washington. The Rotary Volunteer Corps for Barangays 642 and 643 of San Miguel, Manila were organized, with community leaders from the two Barangays comprising the Corps.


PP Perry Tan introduced several innovative programs and projects during his term. His Souvenir Program raised P132, 000.00 while the Bingo Social Fund Raising Project earned for the Club an additional P140, 000.00. Aside from the local fund raising campaign, he was able to raise funds in the amount of U.S. $2,000.42. The amount came from the World Community Service of District 276, the Rotary Club of Nagoya Southeast, Rotary Club of Toyota – West and personal contribution of visiting Rotarian Siegfried Paper.  It was also during the term of PP Perry that the percentage of attendance was at its highest at 93.4%. When PP Perry started his Rotary Year, there was only one Paul Harris Fellow. Through the initiative and efforts of The Club Rotary Foundation Committee Chairman and Rotarian Dencio Sy and PP Perry, four (4) members of the Club were awarded as Paul Harris Fellows. The Club also played host to the Group Study exchange (GSE) from Oregon on October 16, 19 and 22, 1986 and the GSE Team from Missouri R.I. District 603 on April 3 and 5, 1987.


Summarizing his term as “A Year of Putting Life into Rotary,” PP Antonio “Tony” F. Mateo reported the Club as Number One for Club Attendance in District 381; its Waste Recycling and Seedling Dispersal Projects were listed in the World Community Service of Rotary International. For the first time in the history of the Club; the Bootblack/Shoeshine Project, was implemented to train and help poor and idle street children to become self-reliant, productive and possibly an entrepreneur in the future.  This was also the first club livelihood program to get International Funding of P62,848.40.  The Rotary and Welcome Songs, composed through the efforts and talents of Rotarian Pepe and Ann Olive Cenizal, were incorporated in the weekly club meeting programme. The Club clinched the Most Outstanding Club Bulletin in Group II in the District. PP Tony signed on behalf of RCMSM the establishment of a sister club agreement with RC Lotung East, of Lotung, Taiwan through the efforts of PP Perry Tan.


            PP Ed Bautista, a recipient of the Rotary International Four Avenues of Service Citation for Individual Rotarians from RI President Estess, was the first Major Donor of the Club. He served as Club President in 1990 to 1991 and was awarded Most Outstanding Club President in Group of the district and Most Outstanding Rotary Club on “Preserve Earth” also in Group II of the district. As President, the RCMSM sponsored the extension of the Rotary Club of Ermita, hosted the District Bowling Tournament and attended the signing of Sister Club Relationship with RC Lotung East in Taiwan.


            The Japanese model of the Police Koban System was initiated by PP Teddy Natividad and was continued by PP Boy Sunga with the building of a Police station in Santa Mesa, Manila.


            PP Peachy Castillo chartered the ROTAFIT 5AM Club, a project sponsored by RCMSM in Quezon City.


            PP Josie Ang was instrumental in the extension of RC Hiyas ng Cavite as a second Sister Club and the building of two (2)  Special Education (SPED) classrooms for children at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) compound in Manila.


            PP Willie Sy initiated the Dagonoy Housing Project, inaugurated the Paul Harris Centennial Public Restroom in Delpan, Tondo, Manila and another SPED Multipurpose building in PGH.


            PP Betty Mancao introduced a nationwide Rehabilitation Training program. Among the district awards and citations, the Club received from District 3810 citations for “Concern for the Disabled”, 100% subscription to Philippine Rotary Magazine, 6 District Activity Hosting Awards and 7 other major awards.


            PP Ronnie Co spearheaded and completed the construction of a duplex classroom pilot RCMSM Club Project in Polangui, Albay that was inaugurated in December 27, 2005.


            The June 24, 2006 Induction of the Officers and Board Members and 20th Club Anniversary Celebration, Rotary Club of Lotung East, Lotung, in the eastern part of Taiwan was attended by RCMSM delegation of community of Rotarians and Anns. The RCMSM group of eleven was headed by PE Alan Bautista along with PP Ed Bautista, PP Tante Seril, PP Willie Sy, CP Matt Magpantay, CP Roque Fado, PN John Ang, Rotarian Mario Villalobos, Anns Jackie Liu, Lily Mancilla and Nelia Seril. Likewise, as a reciprocal visit, the Rotary Club of Lotung East was headed by President “Pipe”, attended the 2006 Induction and Club Anniversary Celebration of RCMSM in Manila, on July 21, 2006 when Officers and Board Members headed by President Alan Bautista and new club members for RY 2006-2007 were inducted.


The Rotary Foundation


            Out of the RCMSM total club membership of fifty-six (56) members as of April 11, 2007, twenty (20) “Paul Harris Fellow” (PHF) and four (4) “Sustaining Members” have been awarded as follows:


            PHF Year - Paul Harris Fellows:


            1988 – PP Eduardo J. Bautista, Paul U. Lee, Larry G. Mendoza.

            1991 – Robert T. Go, CP Matt R. Magpantay

            1992 – PP Tante A. Seril, PP Boy C. Sunga

            1994 – Mario S. Villalobos

            1997 – Aida Ang, PP Josie S. Ang, Soki O. Lee

            2000 – IPP Ronnie C. Co, PP Harry C. Lorenzo, Jr.

            2001 – PE John Ang

            2002 – PP Luis O. Cua

            2003 – Wilson D. Lim, PP Willie A. Sy

            2005 – President Alan F. Bautista, Edgardo V. Sy

2008 – Tony Santos


            Achieved Year - Sustaining Members:


            2005 – PP Tony F. Mateo, Susan D. Derpo, Marilyn Y. Tam


            Rotary Paul Harris Fellows are Rotarians who contribute at least US$1,000.00 or more while Sustaining Members contribute at least US$100.00 when the total amount of $1,000 is reached sustaining members are awarded PHF.


            President Alan F. Bautista reported during the RY2006-2007 mid-year District Conference more than 311 projects conducted by the club by itself or jointly with other entities or Rotary clubs in the Philippines.


            The club hosted the Governor’s Ball during the March 10-11, 2007 DISCON2007 District 3810, held at the Manila Hotel, Manila. The attendees danced the night away. Two huge posters, one of Spanish native RIPR Julio Sorjus and Governor Lyne Abanilla were unfolded before the eyes of the excited audience revealing the RIPR and the Governor in their Spanish toreador and dancer costumes respectively in tune with the Ball’s theme of the night, “Ole!”


            In his April 23, 2007 Annual Report, President Alan submitted the specific dates, type, number of participants/beneficiaries and the approximate costs of  projects conducted by the 57-member RCMSM with participation of many individual Rotarians and their spouses and Anns with vivid colored pictures recording in detail the 175 activities for Club Service 1, 101 for Club Service 2, 30 for Vocational Service, 41 for New Generation, 32 for international Service, 72 for Community Service and 16 for Rotary’s Public Imaging for a grand total of 467 projects for his presidency in the “Lead the Way” Rotary year of 2006-2007.


            Capping the two-volume presidential report of President Alan is the RCMSM Flagship Project: Manila City Jail Medical Infirmary Isolation Ward, inaugurated on April 12, 2007 by District Governor Lyne Abanilla. The Club and its members were also chronicled as champions for having won group and individual trophies in the District Fishing Day, Badminton Tournament, Bowling Tournament, Chess Tournament. Even RCMSM Interactors and Rotaractors won in their various tournaments. President Alan was awarded Best Oral Report Mid-Year Award and the Most Number of Spouse Attendance in 2nd Day of Discon 2007.


            On May 5, 2007, the club hosted the District 3810 DISTAS2007 in the Century Park Hotel in Manila City. Although preparation was started at short notice, it was very successful because of the full cooperation of members and the unwavering support from many sponsors.


            RCMSM held on May 11, 2007 its Rotary International required Club Assembly. The plans of the Club for RY2007-2008 was discussed patterned in accordance with the new organizational Club Leadership Plan set-up of Rotary International for districts and clubs worldwide.


            In the 2006-2007 Annual Rotary District 3810 Awards Night dubbed as “Red Carpet Night” held June 1, 2007 in Le Pavilion, Pasay City, RCMSM was awarded and recognized along with seven other clubs as one of the District Outstanding Club. Similarly, President Alan and seven other club presidents as District Outstanding Presidents; the club also received the District Significant Project Award and Presidential Citation from Rotary International for the Club’s City Jail Isolation Ward Flagship Project.  The club was also a recipient of four minor Club awards; two individual Rotarian Governor Meritorious Service and one individual Rotarian Governor Distinguish award.


            The Club awarded and recognized its own very active and illustrious members, spouses and Anns during the night of reminiscences of the Rotary Year that was 2006-2007. Held June 8, 2007 at the revered “Number One” member PP Ed Bautista’s residence in 16 Nevada Street, North East Greenhills in Mandaluyong, President Alan and the Club Awards Night afforded everyone present the unique opportunity to accept with pride and joy an award or more for one time or another their participation in the Clubs record setting 476 projects. He emotionally expressed his heartfelt gratitude and in turn, the membership reciprocated by acknowledging his dedication to the furtherance of every facet of Rotary’s Four Avenues of Service, the new Public Imaging of Rotary and other thrusts of the Club and the District 3810’s objectives for the year. A unanimously approved special declaration of affection and recognition shall be bestowed on President Alan come the Induction and Anniversary of RCMSM Celebration slated for July 21, 2007. In one more official function of the Club leadership, he trouped to the USA along with others from D-3810 for the June 17-20, 2007 RI Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.


            In the meantime, the Club held its weekly meeting and fellowship for the year on Friday June 22, 2007 at the Century Park Hotel in Manila. Considering that a group of RCMSM would attend the sister club yearly induction in Lotung East Taiwan, the District 3810 Handover scheduled on July 2, 2007 was in lieu of the Club gathering to close a very eventful and extremely successful “Lead the Way” Rotary Year 2006-2007 of the Rotary Club of Manila San Miguel of RI District 3810.


            Handover from Outgoing District Governor "Paco" Atayde to Incoming DG Josie Ang was held on July 1, 2008 with so much fanfare and show of talents by Rotarians from all sectors. RCMSM was the main club host.  The activity included the turn-over of the RCMSM flag from IPP John Ang to incumbent President Tony Santos.


            The Team Visit from the District to RCMSM was held on August 15, 2008 at the Century Park Hotel with the presentation of the club programs to the team by President Tony Santos, Jr. before the 4th regular meeting was held. SDG Ernest Yuyek, AG Girlie Pelagio and AG Bernie Sagsagat composed the District 3810 Visiting Team.



RCMSM History as gathered by RCMSM Member, Paul Harris Fellow 1994 and Club Historian Rotarian Mario S. Villalobos as of August 15, 2008, Manila City, Philippines