Club Profile

RY 2008-2009


Club ID#: 71958

Chartered: February 8, 2006

Mother Club: Rotary Club of Downtown Manila

Council of Past President: IPP Sonny Japay, PP Libert Acibo

Club Strength: 11 Members

Meets Regularly Every Thursday, 7:00 pm at: Bocobo Hotel


Edgardo “Ed” Cabural

Legacy President

RY 2008-2009

Cell phone #: 09285548634

Tel. #: (063) 4073866


Matching Grant Projects:

Foreign Sponsor: Rotary Club of Essendon, Victoria, Australia RI D-9800

Matching Grant #59771(US$16,492.00) – completed

Matching Grant #62871(US$20,847.00) – on-going


Mid-Year Report


It is with distinct honor to address you knowing that many, if not all of you are known for one’s love for excellence and leadership.  Over the past few months, Our Club, Rotary Club of Manila Maynilad Seafront suffered a lot of setbacks yet we manage to go on making dreams real through Rotary’s commitment of Service Above Self.  Today we have members considered as successful businessmen in their own right; a top notch administrator with splendid leadership performance; some new members displayed dedication, and sincerity that will surely make the last 5 months and 15 days of the Rotary Year a year of excellent service for our club and to D-3810.


In the life of a Club President, there has never been an appropriate event that brings about the joy and fulfillment than his or her involvement. But much in the kind of dedication displayed the club members.


Success did not come easy for there were pains, “ups” and “downs”, trials and errors, but the members kept faith.  We are grateful to those who passed on the torch and contributed immensely to the growth of our club.


 “Call it a state of grace, or an act of is there, and the impossible becomes possible...thanks to Fr. Jerome and Fr. Vic of St. Jude Catholic School, as well as to Fr. Nielo Canilado, SVD Provincial Superior who believed in the kind of service that Rotary wants to make rea.


There is a Chinese proverb that says, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with one single step.”  It is only proper that as I present my mid-year report I have to acknowledge and honor those who help so that our journey with the theme Rotary Shares become possible.  I am amazed beyond words with the kind of service that club members render in their respective avenue of service.  To recognize them for this outpouring of unselfishness is the least that I can do.  Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Essendon who kept their faith in the novelty of the members of this club’s commitment to maintain the kind of friendship that we cherish over the past years.


I’ve been asked several times how I stayed healthy and sane.  How did I maintain a commitment to this sort of leadership in our Club?  On several occasions, I answered them by saying: “I have never asked myself if I was being effective, but only if I was being faithful”.  Yes, and I learned it from my Legacy Classmates, the Legacy Team, Gov. Josie Ang, and of course, from all the Rotarians of Manila Maynilad Seafront.


Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to become a part of the vast legion of Legacy Presidents and for judging my actions by the fidelity to my calling and identity as a Rotarian devoted to this year’s theme: Make Dreams Real. You can view my PowerPoint presentation in the Google search engine: Rotary Club of Manila Maynilad Seafront.


 “A Good Time is a Taste of moments that one can Make Dreams Real”.  These are the only pictures that I manage to save for this moment.  To make dreams real, we need to stay awake.  Hoy Gising! Thank you and mabuhay tayong lahat!



Edgardo “Ed” Cabural

Legacy President

RY 2008-2009