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With the Rotary Club of Panday Pira as the mother organization, the year 1992 could be indubitable be marked as the spawning stage for the ROTARY CLUB OF PACO MANILA. For it was sometime in that year, during the incumbency of District Governor Joey Benedicto, that the organization of the ROTARY CLUB OF PACO MANILA was conceptualized.

The ever-optimistic expectations of the prospective members of the new club were seemingly bolstered one day in January, 1992. Then Governor Johnny Aruego was on a visit to the Rotary Club of Panday Pira. On that occasion, Panday Pira's Edmond "Mon" Chua confided to Rufino "Raffy" Sison that the birth of the ROTARY CLUB OF PACO MANILA was inevitable and would soon be a pulsating reality. Its initial membership would be drawn from Panday Pira itself.

The envisaged grouping was at once met with unbridled enthusiasm by those who where privy to the suggestion broached to Governor Johnny Aruego. Eight months later, or in September, 1992, to be precise, the groundwork ultimately geared to the consummation of what had been previously ideated, was laid down. President Sammy "Sam" Rosete of Panday Pira and "Mon" Chua recommended to Governor Aruego the appointment of "Raffy" Sison as the Governor's Special Representative for the setting up of the ROTARY CLUB OF PACO MANILA, as conceived. In effect, "Raffy" Sison was virtually an ad hoc committee of one.

On October 7, 1992, at about 7:00 p.m., just few days after the First Extension Committee conference, the first organizational fellowship was held at the Orchid House. Vic Victoriano and Ernie Sanches were the guest speakers at the second organizational assemblage on October 14, 1992. To give continued and sustained impetus to the smooth disposition of the ROTARY CLUB OF PACO MANILA, the cluster, on October 21, 1992, converged once more in joint fellowship.

The new group then got together on November 19, 1992, at the Manila Midtown Hotel in Pedro Gil Street, Manila. Then and there, after some enlightening preliminaries, they elected their officers for the Rotary Year 1992-1993. They were Rufino "Raffy" Sison, President, Gerald "Gerry" Davis, Vice President, "Ben" Mojica, President-Elect and Treasurer, Diana "Diane" Gonzales, Secretary, Angel "Jun" Zamora, Assistant Secretary and Auditor, Pedro "Pete" Bautista, Sergeant-at-Arms and Felicisimo "Fely" Cabigao, Legal Counsel. The Directors were: Francisco "Pax" Lapid, Club Service A; Margaret "Margie" Ongkeko-Abrera, Club Service B; Gilberto "Gilbert" Yupangco, Community Service; Enrique "Vic" Victoriano, Vocational Service; Marianito "Nito" Siasat, Youth Service and Jose "Joe" Arroyo, International Service.



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