CLUB NO. 16993


During RY 1976-1977, Rotary International District Governor Antonio “Jun” Tambunting assigned the Rotary Club of Manila, the first and the biggest Rotary Club in Asia, to form an extension club south of the Pasig River. Then president and now Past District Governor Buenaventura “Benny” Angtuaco responded by forming a provisional club which was eventually headed by one of its former members, Manuel “Manny” Padua.

On June 6, 1977, the new club named Rotary Club of Panday Pira Manila was chartered by Rotary International to serve the towns of Paco, Pandacan, and Sta. Ana in the city of Manila.

The pioneers of the club were Manuel “Manny” Padua (Charter President), Eusebio “Frank” Morales (Vice President), D. “Doulat” Jiandani (Secretary), Alexander “Alex” Babat (Treasurer), Juanito “Johnny” Littaua (Sgt.-at-Arms), and Directors Jose “Toti” De Castro, Benjamin “Henry” Benito, Daniel “Danny” Carreon, Gregorio “Greg” Perez.

Other Charter Members are Naraindas “Nari’ Budhrani, Miguel “Mike’ Cerqueda (now with RC Manila), Ernesto “Ernie” Sanchez (now with RC Palanyag), and Antonio “Butch” Valdez (now with RC Makati).

Origin of Club’s Name

For love of country and moved by a deep sense of history, our Charter members decided to veer away from the traditional practice of naming a club for the territory it delineates. They opted instead to name the newly-formed club after a national hero who lived within the territory. This proved difficult as the areas in Paco, Pandacan, and Sta. Ana spawned a number of heroes.

Eventually, the members chose the prominent Muslim Panday Pira who established his workshop at Lamayan, Sta. Ana along the banks of the Pasig River until his death in 1584.

Panday Pira was the primary maker of iron cannons in 6th century Philippines. His extra ordinary expertise was well recognized and harnessed by our early leaders. He crafted the cannons used in the earlier revolts against the Spanish colonizers.

These iron cannons called lantaka surprised the Spaniards as these were as powerful as the best in Europe at that time. To further honor the famed cannon-maker, the Club Bulletin was officially named LANTAKA.

Panday Pira was effective, innovative and a silent worker the same traits that, we, as members of the Rotary Club of Panday Pira Manila, hope to emulate in our efforts to serve our country, our community, and our fellowmen.



The First Decade: Building A Club, Building Leaders…

Immediately after receiving their charter from Rotary International, the members headed by Charter President Manuel “Manny” Padua (+) (1977-78 Serve to Unite Mankind), started to work on making the club strong and dynamic by building leaders out of its members.  Stress was placed on internal strength and membership development for future club leadership.  The task was not difficult as the members were already leaders in their respective fields.  Rotary provided for them a new venue where they can exercise their management skills further: only this time, among their peers and with no profit to motivate them.

PP Danny Carreon+ (1978-79 Reach Out) worked on making the club stronger from within.  His term was highlighted by the club’s hosting of 14 Rotary Clubs during the Diamond Conference of RI District 380, 382, 385 and 386.  He managed to build for the club an image of instant respect in the community and among the other Rotary Clubs in the District. 

PP VIC VICTORIANO+ (1979-1980 Let Service Light The Way) this was perhaps the Rotary Year where the dominant note was high ideal of service espoused by Rotary. By happy coincidence, this President was a man imbued with genuine concern for the plight of the abandoned. The club became deeply involved in Rotary district activities and projects. This was also the year when Presidents in the district started the tradition of meeting monthly.

PP Henry Benito (RY 1980-81 Take Time to Serve) provided inspiration and high morale for the members by writing songs reflecting the ideals, sentiments and challenges posed by Rotary to Panday Pirans.  The club became the “singing-est Rotary Club” and tapes of songs he composed reached the inner sanctum of Rotary International.  He was then one of the topnotch lawyers of our country.

PP Chino Marquez (RY 1981-82 World Understanding and Peace Through Rotary) introduced Rotary to his friends and made history for the club by turning in 32 new members within his term.  For the first time, the club sent a delegation to an international convention such as the Rotary Regional Conference in Melbourne, Australia.  He received the President Marcos Outstanding Leadership Award for his sterling performance as a president of his club.  His leadership skill was further put to test when he became a COMELEC Commissioner and the President of Consumers Union of the Philippines for an indefinite term.

PP Art Tugade (RY 1982-83 Mankind is One-Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World) caught the imagination of Rotary International with his “Home Away From Home” project.  He received the District Award for “Exemplary Performance as Club President”.   He is presently one of the top Filipino executives worldwide, heading a chain of corporations which employs tens of thousands of Filipinos globally.

PP Ernie Sanchez (RY 1983-84 Share Rotary Serve People)  spared no personal time, talent and treasure in sharing and serving.  He is presently known as having organized one of the most successful cooperatives in the country.  This cooperative became a model for new cooperatives being formed here and abroad.

PP Sonny Deloso+ (RY 1984-85 Discover a New World of Service) started his term with a bang through a highly successful medical-dental mission benefiting 1,130 indigent families in Pandacan, Manila.  He was a top executive of Shell Philippines before he ventured into the handicrafts export business that brought pride to the country and employment to different communities nationwide.

PP Toti De Castro+ (RY 1985-86 You are the Key) is remembered for his ingenious “Kabuhayan Vertical Gardens” in which vegetables were harvested right at the center of the crowded and cramped dwellings in the city. He involved the Club in International Service through the Rotary Exchange program.  He became president of a well-known sanitary product manufacturing company and a large tomato paste processing plant based in northern Philippines.

PP Raffy Sison (RY 1986-87 Rotary Brings Hope) capped the first decade with a lot of hope for a patient who underwent a successful brain surgery thru sponsorship of the club and for six equally successful cataract surgery patients.  He is credited for the formation of four Interact Clubs and the chartering of Rotary Club of Paco.

The Second Decade: Building A Future…Building A

Building up from the strengths established in the first decade by their predecessors, the new breed of leaders saw the continued progress of the club through very meaningful projects and the involvement of more people in the Rotary movement.  The second decade became the foundation of service for the future.

PP Valentin Prieto (1987-88 United in Service, Dedicated to Peace) proceeded to undertake a Vocational Skills Scholarship Program providing livelihood training to more than 100 out-of-school youths.  He established a feeding program for children of marginalized families within the club’s assigned area.  He heads a service corporation that employs more than 10,000 Filipinos nationwide.  He established a culture among Panday Pirans which calls for the giving of one’s self to the service of humanity in spite of one’s very busy schedule.  He served as the president of the RCPPM Foundation for Streetchildren for two consecutive years and raised a substantial amount of funds to cover the sustenance of street children.

PP Fong Balao (RY 1988-89 Put Life Into Rotary Your Life) continued the Vocational Skills Scholarship Program producing another 100 graduates.  He headed a big pharmaceutical corporation and readily provided the necessary medicines for the club’s medical outreach missions.

PP Romeo Nones (RY 1989-90 Enjoy Rotary) put emphasis on helping the poor and unprivileged children, adopting the creed “Children are God’s gift to us.  What we do with them is our gift to God”.  It was during this year that a two-storey house was built through the united effort of Panday Pirans and friends.  This house served as the home for 40 street children picked up from under the Light Rail Transit tracks along Taft Avenue in the City of Manila.  This project became the model for Service Organizations worldwide as it is the product of cooperation between 2 major service organizations, the YWCA which manages the day to day activity of the home and RCPPM which provided for free the expertise of its member architects and contractors in the design and construction of the home; and a private entity, NYK Fil-japan Shipping which provided most of the funds for the construction of the home.  Most importantly, through the efforts of Panday Pirans and their families, the home was turned-over to the YWCA fully furnished, down to the last spoon and fork.  At present, RCPPM continues to support the needs of the street children through a foundation that was to put up to ensure the continuity of the project for the next 25 years.

PP Ernie Austria (RY 1990-91 Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm) started a trend of expanding the Rotary family by initiating the creation of an Anns Circle composed of all the spouses of the Panday Pirans.  His term was marked with countless fellowship activities making Panday Pirans and their Anns realize how much fun it is to be part of the Rotary family.  It was also at this time that a sister club, the Rotary Club of Hitachi North Japan, became another extension of Panday Pira family and exchanged visits immediately followed the establishment of friendship.

PP Edmund Chua (RY 1991-92 Look Beyond Yourself) supported and continued the efforts of the previous term and chartered the Panday Pira Anns Circle.  This group became the most potent partners of the club as it became the inspiration and guiding force in most of the club’s activities.  From then on, service became a family activity, like the disaster relief operation of the club when Mount Pinatubo erupted.  The year also saw the formation of the Rotary Village Corps, still another addition to the Rotary family.

PP Sammy Rosete (1992-93 Real happiness is Helping Others) did his share in forming the Rotary Club Paco which became the club’s first daughter club with an initial membership of 28 new Rotarians.  In order to ensure the continued existence of the Home for street children, the RCPPM Foundation for Streetchildren was created wherein membership is exclusively reserved for Panday Pirans themselves. Another noteworthy project is the installation of a potable water deep well at the Aetas resettlement site in Porac, Pampanga where the natives of the Mt. Pinatubo, which erupted, were relocated.

PP Danny Valenzuela (1993-94 Believe In What You Do, Do What You Believe In) responded to the club’s thrust of involving the Rotary family in its activities by turning the district annual sports fest into a family affair as the club hosted the first Rotary Family Olympics.  From then on, the district as a yearly activity adopted the affair.  Another foreign club, the Rotary Club of Gallipolis, Ohio USA became the club’s second sister club.  Together with the RCPPM, the members of RC Gallipolis conducted a 1.5 million free surgical-mission for indigent patients, some of whom came from distant provinces.  During his term as president of the Streetchildren Foundation and realizing the need for a comprehensive solution to the street children problem, PP Danny started a pre-school for street children.  With an initial enrolment of 20 students, the classes were held at the Home when the regular stay-in wards were in school.  During his term, the home offers 3 sessions and graduates were at an average of 50 pre-school kids every year.

PP Ronald Sy (1994-95 Be A Friend) integrated the Livelihood Training Center into the envisioned comprehensive solution to address the street children problem.  Built just beside the Home, the training center initially intended for Special Children from depressed areas soon doubled as a livelihood training center for mothers of street children who chose to learn to earn while waiting for their kids who are attending the pre-school.  During his term, the club hosted a very successful President Elects Training Seminars (PETS) with 269 participants at the Subic International Hotel, SBMA, Zambales.  The event set very high standards for hosting of activities of this nature.  So far, RCPPM itself has exceeded these standards in the subsequent PETS that it hosted.

PP Rene Ragunton (1995-96 Act With Integrity, Serve With Love, Work For Peace) introduced a local sister club from Malasiqui, Pangasinan.  The first livelihood for special children was introduced at this time using the “saori” weaving technique as a very effective chore for the mentally challenged children.  Japanese friends donated the saori weaving machines and the donors themselves readily bought the produce.

PP Ronnie Gomez (1996-97 Build the Future with Action and Vision) focused his attention on the youth through the hosting of a Youth conference for 405 public high school students who became members of the Interact Clubs.  He coordinated with the resident doctors of the Burns Unit of the Philippine General Hospital and assisted in the rehabilitation of pediatric burns patients to help them become productive members of the society.  The 4 Interact Clubs of Garcia, Marcos, Roxas and Villamor High School and the Rotaract Club of Philippine Women’s University became very active partners in Rotary Service.

The Third Decade: Building A Legacy

As the club entered into its third decade, its programs, projects and activities became more and more ambitious as members continued to test the limits of what they can do as a team and as they became more and more experienced in Rotary service. The proverb “the mountains of today will merely be the foothills of tomorrow” became the byword as they set higher targets and goals.

PP Jovencio Navarro (1997-98 Show Rotary Cares) established many firsts.  Among them is the first Interact Palaro which evolved into an annual competition among the Four Interact Clubs of RCPPM.  He started a college Scholarship Program which has become a continuing project of the club.  At this time, the club sponsored 16 scholars enrolled in various state colleges and universities in Metro Manila.  The Home of street children, now called the Blue Lamb Streetchildren Complex, got another major improvement with the construction of a second floor to the existing Livelihood Training Center. The second floor facility now houses the Blue Lamb Child Development and Learning Center, which includes a library and modern computer equipment that are readily accessible to the street children.

PP Dante Madriaga (1998-99 Follow Your Rotary Dream) welcomed another sister club from Taiwan.  The Rotary Club of Luchou Chungyang became very close brothers of Panday Pirans and annual visits became traditional between the two clubs.  New competitive activities such as sculpture contest and ballroom dancing competition were introduced and the latter became part of the varied training given to the youth.  In the district level, the club hosted, for the first time, an ambitious multi-district bowling and billiards tournament.

PP Philip Choco (1999-2000 Act with Consistency, Credibility and Continuity) built a Livelihood and Skills Caravan, probably the only one of its kind in the world.  The caravan went to different far-flung barangays teaching the communities livelihood skills such as hair cutting, manicure-pedicure, food processing, waitering, baking and many others.  During this term, the club accepted the challenge of again hosting an unforgettable Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) for the incoming presidents of the District, this time at the Crown Peak Hotel, SBMA, Zambales. The affair was a tremendous success that as early as 2001, the incoming District Governor for RY 2003-04 has already commissioned the club to handle and top all its previous records in the hosting of a PETS.  This time the venue will be in the City of Baguio.

PP Eugenio Vinta (2000-2001 Create Awareness, Take Action) started a new concept in handling of district-wide projects in the hosting of a series of activities for special children.  This featured a forum with the parents of special children, de-worming, art contest for special children, the winning entries of which were featured in Christmas cards.  This project readily received an award not only from the district but also from Rotary International Headquarters itself.  In fact, it is the only project that received the much coveted Significant Achievement Award for Community Service from Rotary International this year.  It is also during this term that the club got its biggest matching grant ever from Rotary International amounting to $ 16,000.00 for its livelihood training program and for a complete Hepatitis-B Vaccination for more than six hundred children.  All members got the inspiration and drive to give more of their selves as the club saw the graduation of its first 4 scholars from the RCPPM Scholarship Project.  The club received a total of 21 prestigious awards from the district, effectively setting the record as the year with the most number of awards in the history of the club.

PP Jose Agoncillo (2001-2002 Mankind is Our Business). The details of his term were properly enumerated in the President’s report but all members were united in saying that one of this term’s finest points is in the choice of the speakers.  The membership was so impressed and thankful to the president for giving special effort in providing the club with excellent speakers and topics.  Another point that the whole membership appreciates, is the official adoption of the Rotarian’s Prayer to close the regular meetings.  The prayer reads:


“Lord, show us the way

not to fortune nor fame,

not to seek laurels

or praise to our name,

but show us the way

how in Rotary, through Rotary and by Rotary,

we may spread the great story,

that thine is the kingdom

the power and the glory…Amen”

Pres. Boy’s term is indeed a very successful one, definitely surpassing the expectations of his members.

PP Benjamin So Si Hok+ (2002-2003 Sow The Seeds of Love) President Ben’s term is highlighted by sponsoring and hosting the different activities.  The Club sponsored the Interact / Special Children Palaro 2003 at TUP Manila, launched the Rag Making Project, over 20 housewives in Sta. Ana, Pandacan and Paco benefited from this project.  This was the term that we have 18 students of our interact clubs in Computer Program every Saturday at Secretariat office.  Our club co-hosted RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Award, first time in history of the District 3810 a Rotaract club organized the whole affair under the guidance of New Generation District Officer.  We had a successful Cataract (Laser) Operation, Medical and Dental Mission.  Over 1,500 beneficiaries thru the help of GOOD PEOPLE WORLD FAMILY MEDICAL TEAM of Seoul Korea and successfully hosted the District PETS 2003 (President Elects Training Seminar) in Baguio City which was known as the PETS TO REMEMBER.  Rotary International has granted the MATCHING GRANT to our Club thru coordination of our Sister Club of RC LUCHOU CHUNG YANG, TAIWAN. The MATCHING GRANT No. 21967 (Typhoid Fever Vaccination Program) which benefited 150 children in A.H. Lacson Health Center and 200 children in YWCA, Manila.  Our club also participated in uplifting the lives of our brothers in depressed areas by sponsoring one (1) unit house thru the District Vaseco Project.

PP Romeo Macatangay (2003-2004 Lend a Hand) PP Romy’s term was renowned for its International Projects.  A 4-day Dental Mission and a 40 footer container van of educational books sponsored by the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise, British Columbia, Canada.  The books were distributed to District 3810 including Mindoro Area.  Rotarian Harvey Egna from RC Hilo 50499 was assigned to teach and study the status and activities of Blue Lamb Learning Center for three weeks.  PP Romy sustained the Computer Literacy Program (ICT) and presented a 3 month course on AutoCAD, HTML Web Design, JAVA Mobile Phone Programming, and Introduction to PC/Windows and MS Office giving the total number of 128 graduates from Candon, Ilocos Sur.  He then continued to support the projects and activities at the Blue Lamb Home and the “Tulong Pangkabuhayan Livelihood Training Project” at the YWCA joint with the Rotary Anns headed by its President Fely Chan.  A Gift Giving, Tree Planting and Book Donation were some of his major projects across the sea to help the underprivileged residents of Mananao, Occidental Mindoro.

PP William Rogando (2004-2005 Celebrate Rotary) During PP Willy’s Term, Rotary was at its 100 years of service to the world. That is why he is known as a Centennial President. The club had a community project called Midway Homes For Streetchildren, an additional 3rd floor of the existing Blue Lamb Center which is nominated by District 3810 to Rotary International for the Significant Achievement Award. The total construction expenses reached P1.5 million pesos. The implementation of Matching Grant #51145 Chicken Pox Vaccination and Disease, education for 320 children in Manila, in cooperation with RC Hitachi North, Japan District 2820 amounting to $7,000.00.The club also contributed $6,200.00 to The Rotary Foundation. The continuation of the ICT computer scholarship program which is a twelve-week course on intro to PC, HTML, Java, E-Book Publication, MMS Production and Autocad. A total of 115 students completed the course. Book donation project to Tobacco Pei Ching School and Tobacco National High School in cooperation with RC Tobacco Mayon District 3820. Hosting of Centennial Governors Ball at the last night of District Conference 2005 with the music of Spirit of 67. It was indeed a district event to be remembered. These were all done thru the cooperation, participation and selfless effort of all Panday Pirans and Anns during his term.

                As the club entered into the 2nd century of Rotary, PP Ernesto Yuyek ( 2005-2006 Service Above Self) launched an completed the construction, rehabilitation and eventual transfer of the Blue Lamb pre-school learning center to the 2nd floor of the Blue Lamb Home for Streetchildren. The club also successfully hosted two district activities which were the 101 Governors Ball during District Conference 2006 featuring the Metro Manila Community Orchestra and the New Generation Christmas Party. Wanting to be active in district activities, the club also co-hosted 15 district activities, one of which is the 3rd leg of the Gov. Ed Tumangan Golf Tournament in which the club was able to raise P 160,000.00 for the club’s Foundation for Streetchildren. Seeing the need for continuance of good and established projects, he supported the Integrated Computer Technology Course, wherein 120 students from our Interact clubs and marginalized people within the community participated. The students were given state of the art system of instruction and facilities like: one student, one computer ratio, multimedia projector as the medium of instruction, professional instructors and two fully-air conditioned classrooms. The club also conducted the New Generation Induction, seminar on Leadership and Values formation and the 9th Interact Palaro. Recognizing the need to further help the less fortunate people in our society, the club together with the Ann’s circle, headed by then Ann President Cindy Valenzuela, organized the 101 Medical Mission. This project benefited more than 400 patients, wherein they were given free medical service, medicine, optical care and eyeglasses. As a blessing for a year of dignified “Service Above Self”, Ann Ana, the wife of Pres. Ernest won the 1st prize in the 101 car raffle.

                PP Willy Dizon ( 2006-2007 Lead The Way) During his term, our club hosted two major district events, the Rotaract District Assembly and the Midyear Review 2007 at Fontana Leisure Park, Clarkfield, Pampanga, which was a resounding success that has gained the respect of then District Governor Lyne Abanilla and all other Leader Presidents.  That same year, the club was granted by Rotary International an amount of $ 20,500.00 with Matching Grant number 62233, to purchase 24 units of brand new computers and printers for distribution to our four Interact Club schools and Blue Lamb Streetchildren Foundation. Our sister club from Taiwan, RC Luchou Chunyang of District 3490, has committed a four-year continuous feeding program for our in-house street children. On December 2006, the club distributed relief goods to more than 1,500 families affected by super typhoon “Reming” in the Bicol region. The club also donated twenty four units of water purifiers to our Interact club schools and some barangays in Bicol. He concluded his term with a proposal of a long term WCS project from our Japanese sister club, RC Hitachi North of District 2820.

                IPP John Lim ( 2007-2008 Rotary Shares ) Pres. John’s term startedwith the simple program for the Interact clubs of Villamor, Carlos P. GarciaMemorial, Mariano Marcos and Jose Abad Santos Memorial High Schools. This wasthe Interact leadership seminar and induction of officers. He maintained the programs for these high school students culminating it with the Annual Interact Palaro held at the spacious grounds of the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) with the generous cooperation of Dr. Godofredo E. Gallega, TUP President thru the efforts of Past President Romy Macatangay, TUP Alumni National Federation President. In the course of his term, he co-hosted some District eventslike the District Lunar New Year celebration and the Women in Rotary to name a few.