Looking for Heroes & Outstanding Filipinos

RY 2008-2009 Flagship Project

The following agenda proposes to focus our efforts on the youth of our nation, making them first be aware, subsequently learn, and ultimately inculcate the right virtues and good moral values that is alas embarrassingly absent in the present crop of our leaders, whether in government, but also in society in general and organizations in particular. The proposal lies in targeting school, and if time permits, a few more, those high school students coming into age of choosing their career paths.


The activities aim to instruct, to engender and to enlighten in their young minds the honesty, the integrity and the principled exemplary lives of those dead and living heroes of our nation, for them to investigate, then to emulate and finally to propagate to others in an infectious way, and lead to a Moral Regeneration that this nation of ours sorely needs. The goal will be achieved through a holistic approach, by feeding the mind with rightful thinking, the body with rightful nutrition and the spirit with rightful inspiration. These activities will not only the Rotarians, but also other organizations, citing in particular the Philippines Masons (GLP), the Philippine Toastmasters (TM) and the Entrepreneur Society of the Philippines (ESP). In numbers, we have more resources, greater strength and improved perspicacity to carry out the goals to its successful conclusion. The program includes a short and very touching edification of our national flag in Poetic Tagalog, presentation of the life of a Dead Hero (a Filipino Hero of a bygone era, national or local) and a presentation of the life of a Living Hero (a living example of a successful Filipino professional of businessman).


A promising few, we need only a promising few, to change the future of our society, a better society we hopefully will be still alive to see, to witness and to enjoy. A Few Good Men is all we need, is all that matters. Do we not admire the life of Mahatma Gandhi, study the works of Confucius and salute the courage of Jose Rizal? That is the name of the project, ‘Looking for Heroes.’ By inspiring the students, we are searching amongst them those who someday will become a Manny Villar, another Ramon Magsaysay or even an exact Jose Rizal, one who can assist a few hundreds, perhaps feed a few thousands, and even inspire a Nation.