Club Profile

Historical Facts of RCRSM


Date of Charter : April 19,1975

Territories: Districts of Sta. Cruz, Binondo, Tondo and San Nicholas

Club name: The name Rotary Club of Raha Sulayman was recommended by the RC Manila Board to honor one of the early rulers of Manila who fought the Spaniards and gave up his life for the cause in the beach of of Bangkusay, Tondo on June 3, 1571.

First organizational meeting: January 22, 1975 at the Crown Restaurant at Nueva Street, Binondo, Manila

First regular meeting: February 17, 1975 at Las Ysla Manila Hilton

Background on our Club's name

Of all the kings that Manila had, Raha Sulayman was the last one. He was the nephew of Raha Lakandula. A born enemy of tyranny, he resisted the Spaniards, causing them to call him the bravest king they ever fought against. Desiring peace with honor, he entered into a treaty of friendship with Martin de Goite at the intercession of his uncle, Lakandula. But the Spanish authorities did not keep their part of the treaty and started committing abuses against the Filipino again. This angered Soliman once more so he fought them. Soliman died in the field of battle on June 3, 1591, in Bangkusay, Tondo.,

A monument of Raha Soliman now stands in the plaza across the Malate Church along A. Mabini and Remedios Streets.

Territorial Limits of the Club

The City of Manila Districts of Sta. Cruz, Binondo, San Nicholas and Tondo bounded in the North by Caloocan City and the town of Navotas in Rizal Province, West by Manila Bay, East by Quezon Boulevard, Laon-Lann, Dimasalang and A. Bonifacio Streets and South by the Pasig River.