R.A.H.A., "The Art of Saving Lives"

by CmP Alex Santiago

Rotary Club of Raha Sulayman-Manila


Living up to our commitment of Saving Lives, on September 27, 2011, the RAHA RESCUE TEAM, armored only with the utmost desire to fulfill the true 4-way test, without a second thought, braved the fury of typhoon Pedring and assisted in the immediate evacuation of about 500 families residing in Baseco. Tondo.  Soaking in the rain, catching breath with the wind, growling stomach with hunger, our Rescue Team stormed Baseco like wild dogs.  I was hoping I can bring this news to you live the other day but I am one of the 1.9 million household that suffered a whole day of power failure.

Armed with nothing but the Rotary Logo and the four letters: RAHA, the battle between David and Goliath was witnessed by the constituents in Baseco.  Many pictures were taken but only a few landed visible and I am sharing some of those with our Rotary world.


During the height of Typhoon Pedring, RAHA RESCUE TEAM rushed to the flood stricken Ospital ng Maynila along Roxas Boulevard. Aside from the flood, the hospital was further incapacitated due to power failure. A pregnant lady who is about to give birth through caesarean method, a patient who needs to undergo dialysis and an elderly patient who needs immediate treatment, uncertain when things will normalize, our brave young volunteers carried these patient using the stretcher and wheelchair to cross flooded streets to our waiting Rescue Truck and Ambulance. Our RAHA Volunteers were able to transfer them safely to the Ospital ng Sampaloc for proper care and treatment.



We will always serve the first R in the four R's of Disaster Response, RESCUE, Relief, Rehabilitate, Reconstruct.  And serving these 4 R's will be the two Big R's in the NGO world, "R.A.H.A." and "ROTARY."

The Four Way Test was SERVED to the fullest.