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A Day to Remember for the Members of the
Rotary Club of Sampaloc

              February 21, 2006 is a day to remember for the members of the Rotary Club of Sampaloc, old and new.  This is because that was the day this newest club of Rotary, District 3810 had its charter presentation and induction.  Led by its Charter President,  Dr. Alfredo "Fred" D. Valera, twenty five (25) Rotarians members of this club had gathered together to receive their charter and therefore their club's formal recognition by the district as well as the entire Rotary world.

                This "newest" rotary club however is not really all "new".  For the twenty five (25) charter members this event is more of a continuation/rechartering of their old club the Rotary Club of Sampaloc, Manila which unfortunately had ceased to exist in 2003, after a distinguished existence for 17 years.  A lot of statements were already said as to what had happened to RC Sampaloc, Manila and why should a known club with its own distinguished accomplishments would fold up after all those years.  But one this is sure.  A lesson was learned from that experience and from the ashes of the old RC Sampaloc, Manila a new Rotary Club had risen with a pledge that this time will do much better, as far as protecting its existence is concern.

                Starting this new Rotary Club was not easy though.  The breakthrouhg was Feb. 13, 2005, when the old members of RC Sampaloc, Manila celebrated their club's Charter anniversary, led by its Past President (RY 1990-1991 under Governor Vicente Carlos with Paulo de Costa as RI President) Freddie Valera at Marina Restaurant in Timog, Quezon City. RC Sampaloc, Manila at that time was already officially delisted by the R.I. Board.  Still the remaining members of the old club gathered together not only to celebrate and recall the "good ol' days" but also to strengthen the idea that was floated before, and that was to restore RC Sampaloc to what it was before.

                The rest is history.  Before the end of 2005, the new Rotary Club of Sampaloc (minus Manila) was formally organized complete with elected officers and list of members.  In December 20, 2005, during their Christmas Party, this new Rotary Club presented itself before Rotary District Governor Edgardo E. Tumangan in the presence of CP Beng de Guzman and Pres. Ramil Roxas of RC Ramon Magsaysay who stood as the sponsoring club of the newly re-established RC Sampaloc, as well as four members of RC Taipei Pailing who came over to visit the newly established club, namely PP Geoffrey Young who is RC Taipei Pailing's International Service Director, Rtn. George Hsie who is the Chairman of the RC Taipei Pailing's sister club relation with RC Sampaloc.  PP John Chen and PP Robert. Remarkable enough is the fact that RC Sampaloc had its re-birth, but more remarkable is the long lasting bond that ties the two rotary clubs together which through the years would only grow stronger.