Club Profile


CLUB NO. 28669
Chartered  April 16, 1992 

Meets every Thursday 7:00pm at Jadevine Restaurant
537 U.N. Avenue, cor J. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila


The Rotary Club of Tondo was organized on February 5, 1992 during a luncheon meeting hosted by Rotary Club of Manila at the Manila Hotel for prospective members. The members of the board unanimously elected Col. Ernesto Dionisio as their Charter president.

The first orientation meeting was held on February 21, 1992 at 12:00 noon sponsored by then RC Manila President Frankie S. Roman at the Manila Overseas Press Club along T.M. Kalaw Avenue which later on became their regular luncheon meeting venue.

The Rotary Club of Tondo, Manila was finally chartered on April 16, 1992 under District Governor Johnny Aruego and International President Rajenda Sado.

About the Club

Weekly Meeting

The Rotary Club of TONDO meets every Thursday night 6pm at Jadevine Restaurant, 537 U.N. Avenue, corner J. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila.


For RY 2008-2009 under the leadership of Legacy President Elisa G. Khan, RCTondo was awarded 40 trophies including the Most Outstanding Club and the Overall Most Outstanding Club President awards in the district.  It was likewise included in the 47 rotary clubs from District 3810 who was awarded the 2008-2009 MEMBERSHIP GOALS AND RECOGNITION AWARD from RI President DK Lee.

Rotary Foundation Contributors

The Rotary Club of Tondo has produced 15 Paul Harris Fellows, 6 sustaining members and 5 benefactors.


1.      Ernesto G. Dionisio                            1992/1993/2005/2006(ONE STAR)

2.         Renato M. Alarcon                             1992/1993 (ONE STAR)

3.         Christopher Y. Thomas                     1993

4.         Alegris Alarcon                                  1993

5.         Estrella Dionisio                                 1993

6.         Helen Wong                                         1995

7.         Angelina V. Padilla                            1996/1997(ONE STAR)

8.         Diego Hipolito                                     1997

9.         Francisco B. Ilon                                1998

10.       Oscar M. Simbulan, Jr.                    2004/2006

11.       Bienvenido V. de Guzman                 2004

12.       Almario Jacinto                                  2004

13.       Edwardson Ang                                   2005

14.       Cynthia Evangelista                           2006/2008(ONE STAR)

15.       Elisa G. Khan                                      2006/2008 (ONE STAR)

16.       S. M. Maruf Hasan                             2009

SUSTAINING MEMBERS                      

1.        Angelina V. Padilla                            

2.        Marc Martin

3.        Rosalinda Jael

4.        Estrella Uy

5.        Elizabeth Wu

6.        Naomi Mercado


1.      Ernesto G. Dionisio                            1995

2.         Renato M. Alarcon                             1995

3.         Jack C. Wong                                     1995

4.         Mathew Jared G. Khan                      2008

5.         Katherine Mae Yambao                     2008