APRRC 2008

APRRC Report @ Bali, Indonesia by RAC President Ely Vien Asuncion

                The dream of going to the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) in Bali, Indonesia was out of reach for me as a regular student of a state university – until the RC Tondo came along. One day, I had a very regular conversation with our very own legacy President, Eliza G. Khan when I mentioned about the minutes of the last Rotaract District meeting and she asked me if I would like to go to the APRRC. Of course no one will say no to this but at first I was hesitant because I am not sure if I can leave school, but I said to myself, come what may, que sera sera.

                One day, Pres. Liza Khan informed me that the registration fee of $178 was ready. And then it all started, the time flew in fast and the day of APRRC is coming near and I still haven’t secure my flight. I found a new friend and a sister club by the span of this waiting moments. We had some problems with the airfare funding but thanks to the RC Tondo, Pres. Liza Khan and to our Chartered President Ernesto Dionisio Sr. who funded my travel expenses.

                Then it came, the day of my departure to Bali, Indonesia drew closer. I will be boarding the flight with the president of RAC Malate, our sister club and my friend, Ms. Clarice Joy San Jose.

                In line with the APRRC’s Theme, “Learn, Share And Celebrate”, the whole span of the conference was packed with learning, sharing and celebrating 40 years of Rotaract. I learned a lot, - on how to be passionate in service and several leadership trainings; found a lot of friends, brothers and sisters which will be the leaders of tomorrow. Nights were filled with fellowship in order to build better friendships. Each day was overflowing with lessons and enjoyment. I really appreciate the experience and will treasure this for my whole life.

                Once again, thanks to my very supporting RC Tondo family, CP Ernesto Dionisio Sr., my officers and Legacy President Liza Khan. May God continue to bless you!

Gab sah Hab ni da!

Terima Kasi!