What is RLI?

What is the Rotary Leadership Institute?

The RLI is a grassroots training program begun in New Jersey in 1992 by club Rotarians. Its purpose is to help future club leaders prepare for their club and community leadership role through a quality training and educational experience.  The RLI has spread to many countries and it is now in our district because local clubs recognize the importance of training future leaders.  For more information, please visit www.rotaryleadershipinstitute.org

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Rotary Leadership Institute is to provide an educational opportunity for Rotarians identified as potential leaders by their club presidents.


The following principles/assumptions have guided the development of the Institute program from its inception:

  1.  The most serious problem facing Rotary is insufficient effective and enthusiastic leadership at the club level;

  2. Leadership skills can be "learned";

  3. The more one knows about Rotary, the more enthusiastic a Rotarian becomes (most Rotarians know very little about the world of Rotary outside of their own club);

  4. It is more important for the participants in Institute courses to become enthusiastic Rotarians than to memorize "facts" about Rotary;

  5. Courses must be held at locations and times most convenient for attendees;

  6. In order to build enthusiasm for Rotary, courses must be creative, use innovative instructional methods, limit lectures and emphasize participatory discussion groups;

  7. The best results from discussion groups come from groups of ten to fifteen participants;

  8. Faculty members must continually train to be able to remain effective;

  9. Discussion leaders must ask provocative questions and be able to bring out varied opinions and experiences ---a good discussion leader can even "teach" fact-based courses without lecturing;

  10. Qualified faculty members can be drawn from the ranks of present and past club presidents, present and past R.I. officers and even non-past presidents with skills/experience in special areas;

  11. This is a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, which has the best attendance when club presidents identify potential club leaders and nominate them for the program. It is not effective to ask everyone in the club "who wants to attend?";

  12. The curriculum needs constant review to benefit from experience and student evaluations;

  13. The program must be essentially the same at all course sites in order to encourage attendance by participants at any locations for all three parts of the courses.

PDG Rudy Estrellado
Founding Chair of RLI Philippines Division