Club Officers

RY 2012-2013



ELISON “SONNY” G. GIRAO Mango and Palay Farming


MELVIN “MELVIN” M. PARCIA Construction Engineering
Secretary ARIEL “AYIE” P. CORTUNA Local Infrastructure Engineering
Treasurer REYNALDO “REY” V. ABELEDA Local Treasury Operation
Asst. Treasurer JOANNA ANITA “Anie” SALEH Computer School Operation

Environmental Protection & Natural Resources Con.

Asst. Auditor ANTONIO “TONY” V. EUGENIO Land Assessment Administration
Sgt-At-Arms PUCAS “PUCAS” I. PAGUIO Car Maint.. Services Operation
  ROLLYFER “ROLLY” CAPOQUIAN Police Administration & Mngt.
P.R.O. FAUSTINO “OHSIE” G. GENOSA Restaurant & Bakery Operation Services
Club Administration CEASAR “CES” QUEBEC Land Management Administration
Membership BAROLITO “LITO” S. VENTURANZA Beverage and Liquor Distribution
Service Projects VOLTAIRE ANTHONY “BAMBI” C. VILLAROSA Local Govt. Administration
Rotary Foundation CONRADO “JUN” A. ESPEJO, JR. Environmental Management
New Generation Service VOLTAIRE “ Voltaire” P. VILLAFLORES Ice Plant Operation