DISCON 2009    With Senator Chiz Escudero

Fellowship with RC Mamburao Central With Gov. Josie Ang Presidents-Elect Breakfast with RIPR Sec. Mila Cipriano 60th day celebration - Feb. 28 while at  Discon 2009

Modern Dance Participants With Occ Mindoro Provl Governor Josephine Sato

February 27-28, 2009, SMX Convention Center - The Rotary Club of San Jose Tamaraw was able to experience DISCON 2009 at the SMX Convention last February 27-28, 2009.  It was a wonderful experience that is truly one for the record!  Mindoro Clubs - now officially formed as Tribu Mindoro - had better bonding time.  Gov. Josie Ang and the District Officers presented a District Convention packed with meaningful and memorable activities. Relevant speeches given by credible speakers, music and dences enjoyed by everyone, awards and awardees provided inspiration,  fellowships and warm camaraderie felt by the participants - these and many other enjoyable events made DISCON 2009 worth remembering.