Trip to Iling Island of Tamaraw Rotarians

April 6, 2009, Iling Island - After the turn-over of medical kit to the Health Nutrition Post in Sitio Lamis, San Agustin, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Legacy Pres. Ched E. Bagatsolon-Sy and Tamaraw Rotarians and Rotaractors, joined by Legacy Pres. Joe Acebedo (RC Manila Taft), Legacy Pres. Edwin Seymour Chiu (RC Manila Bagumbayan) and  PP Lito Carino (RC United Nations)  rode the boat for a one hour sea trip to go to Brgy. Iling Proper,  Ilin Island, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

After the boat ride, we walked uphill, trekking rocky and sometimes slippery trails carrying hard bound textbooks donated by PP Lito Carino, to get to the cottage owned by Montesa Foundation..When we finally reached the place, we were warmly welcomed by Rtn. Sonny Gordovez, Ms. Linda Fernadez, lead instructress of the two batches of RCSJ Tamaraw-sponsored STABLE programs and Iling Proper Barangay Captain Decleto.

After the turn-over of the books for the Barangay Iling Proper High School , we were served with  a sumptuous and healthy lunch consisting of ubod, native chicken  tinola, adobong sitaw, inihaw na isda and  bottomless Buko juice!Wow! The superb food was really worth the long boat ride and trekking. Then while resting around  the table after lunch, talks of a water system project in the whole Island of   Iling became the main topic of discussion. Everybody was eager to be catalysts of change and help support the long-deprived island.  Aside from a water project, a long-term plan of greening the island to promote tourism and consequently raise the economic level of the residents.  The whole island experience is really so Rotary, in the sense that fellowship and service went together, as always.