12th Induction
& Turnover Ceremonies
"a test of patience, leadership and commitment"

May 17, 2008
SMX Convention Center

Opening Speech
DGE Josie Ang

The Legacy Presidents, yes, your presidents started their Rotary leadership training about a year and four months ago. Through our pre-term fellowships, friendships were cultivated, Rotary knowledge was enhanced and their determination to lead your clubs the best way they can was solidified. Your being here signifies your support for the Legacy Presidents and your club. That is, in itself something I regard very highly. Thank you all very much for coming. Most of us became Rotarians through the invitation of friends we could not refuse at the time. Like most of you, I never thought I would stay in Rotary. But this organization weaves wonders, friendships here are elevated to levels close to family, our projects for humanity gives a sense of fulfillment, our help to the disadvantaged is multiplied many times over… what we could do by ourselves alone. Here, while we improve the lives of others, we improve our own as well.

The beauty of Rotary is best described in the words of -- Minot Simons and I quote… "No pleasure philosophy, no sensuality, no place nor power, no material success can for a moment give such inner satisfaction as the sense of living for good purposes, for maintenance of integrity, for the preservation of self-approval." end of quote.

Rotarians live for good purposes, uplifting lives, serving others. We are guided by the tenets of the four way test, and we instill in our hearts our motto to serve above ourselves.. What a wonderful organization we have. What wonderful Rotarians we have.

Rotary brought us together and united us in the ideal of service above self. Our organization is over 100 years old and has a long way to go. We are dynamic, and we will continue to improve, we will grow and so will the magnitude of service we provide. Rotary's Polio Eradication initiative became a model for all other organizations in the world. As we take pride in this monumental, largest humanitarian effort by any civic group on this earth, we can not rest because success has placed an even greater responsibility in all of us.

The members of your clubs believe in you. They have placed the fate of your group in your hands, confident that you can enrich its accomplishments, that you can add wonderful pages to its history. By opening yourselves to leadership, all that is good and worthwhile will come to you. Leadership is not about being elected or appointed to an office. Leadership is an attitude cultivated over time. Your experiences as an officer in your club, will hone your leadership skills, expose you to the challenges of leading a group of volunteers that are successful individuals in their own fields or vocations.

Here, you will realize that leadership by example is the way things are done. Succeeding in Rotary leadership will make you a success anywhere else. I truly believe that an AIM degree holder in leadership pales in comparison to an excellent Rotary leader. At the International assembly, a grueling 7 day seminar for Incoming District Governors, I had the opportunity to listen and to get to know one such excellent leader…… RIPE DK Lee, our Incoming Rotary International President. He comes from our part of the world, from neighboring South Korea, relatively tall for an Asian, and very unassuming despite his very impressive credentials. He told us about the staggering number of infant mortality in our times. 30,000 children dying everyday, from preventable causes. It was unfathomable he said that at this age of high technology and advancement in science many of our children so easily loose their lives. For the first time in Rotary's history, children become the focus of our service. We will bring down the ghastly mortality rate of children 5 years and below. Rotary will move to allow them to dream and Rotary … with all our hands put together will make those dreams real. The RY 2008-2009 Rotary theme is MAKE DREAMS REAL…

Our incoming RI President was the number One District Governor during his time. Chartering 32 new clubs, inducting a total of 1,800 new Rotarians. 29 of those new clubs then are still alive today while the other 3 have merged. South Korea today is ranked 3rd in membership strength in the world.

RIPE DK Lee is a tough act to follow, but he is a worthy one. By his example, Team 2008-2009 has set dreamlike goals and fully intends to achieve them through sheer determination and hard work. Allow me to enumerate them to you. Goal number..

  1. Increase in membership by at least 500 new members. For the past many years, Rotary has not grown. Although our numbers did not decline like other civic organizations, we have remained at the 1.2 Million level since 2001. To strenghthen our organization RI President Elect DK Lee has made it his number one priority to increase Rotary membership worldwide. You, the Officers at the club level are the backbone of the incoming team. You will form the army of good hands, to spread the good works of Rotary.

    You will not be here if someone did not invite you and we now requests that you extend the same by inviting your friends to a Rotary meeting. Please help your Presidents by joining him or her to go around business establishments in your area, distributing leaflets and magazines about Rotary, inviting prospective Rotarians to a cocktail meeting. In that meeting, the basics of Rotary and why one should be a Rotarian will be shown, along with some of the projects you have accomplished as a club. Implementation of this project will merit a recognition for your club.

    We must increase our membership in each and every club by 10 new members. A club officer who successfully brings in a new member into the club will receive a beautiful Leadership by Example Award in Membership Development from the District. Those of you who substantially recruit new members will vie for the Most Outstanding Club Officer Award. The next term's district awards will include you, the officers in the club level.

  2. Our second goal is to attain TRF Annual Program Fund contribution of at least $130,000.00. District Officers, and club officers like you, who contribute to TRF will receive the Rotary Foundation Leadership by Example Award. All contributors to the foundation will be honored not only during the TRF Banquet but will always be announced in all major district events.

    All major donors will be the main honorees of the TRF Banquet and will receive the following freebies : Free registration to the District Conference, an article about him/or her will be published in the GML and subsequent district souvenir programs. VIP sitting in all major district events and inclusion in all speeches of the District Governor in these events.

    Club and district officers with outstanding contributions will be recognized again during the district awards.

  3. The other goals are to have at least 800 delegates to DISCON 2009.

  4. Extend at least 5 new clubs.

  5. Send at least 30 delegates to the Rotary International Convention.

  6. Complete at least 2 Service Projects per club.

  7. Have at least 80% of the clubs receive the Presidential Citation.

  8. Have at least 80% of the clubs with its own website.

  9. Have at least 80% of the clubs be certified Effective Rotary Clubs.

  10. Finish the Rotary Village Legacy Project within the term.

  11. Do a high impact Public Relations Project.

  12. Do at least 5 RLI Seminars for future club leaders.

Team 2008-2009, will focus on strengthening each and every club in the district, first by bringing in new members into our organization and by elevating the Rotary knowledge of every Rotarian through membership development seminars in the club level. Thomas Edison said and I quote… "If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."

Each of us will have a role to play. Our individual capabilities carry enormous power to uplift, our joint efforts can effect change and for our organization to move forward, growth must be addressed fully. RY 2008-2009 will focus on that growth and we count on you to embrace that goal as your own.

According to Zig Ziglar "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

Courageous is a man who bares his dreams and my being a woman does not make me less courageous. 2008-2009 has raised the bar of service. The goals indeed are dreamlike and difficult but we should all be willing to take the extra step to reach those goals by meticulous planning, by moving positively and by working persistently. Let these dreams evoke the finest qualities in each of us, infuse us with energy, inspire us to achieve, for at the end of every hard work, the satisfaction of having done a great job awaits us.

If I were to be granted a fervent wish today, I would wish for all of your hearts to beat with ours, the potential for greatness has gathered here and the possibilities within reach. Let us live the dream, spread our wings, spread our blessings and in return let us welcome the assurance that we will be more than doubly blessed ourselves. Dreams for good purposes will never rest….. For God gives hope to those who dream, gives miracles to those who believe, and never let's down those who place their complete trust in Him………… Let's work for his glory and Make Dreams Real!!!!