D3810 Handover & Induction Ceremonies

July 1, 2008, SMX Convention Center - District Governor Josie Ang took over the leadership of Rotary International District 3810 from Sharing District Governor Francisco "Paco" Atayde with an spectacular Arabian Nights presentation by the Legacy Team.






The Arabian Night Presentation


The spectacular presentation of the Legacy Team.


The participants of the Legacy Team presentation with District Governor Josie Ang and Spouse John.


The Rotary Flag Parade


Sharing Presidents handing over the flag to their respective Legacy Presidents.


Handover of Leadership


Sharing District Governor Paco Atayde handing over the Rotary International District 3810 official flag to Legacy District Governor Josie Ang.


Outgoing District Governor Paco Atayde's valedictory address.


A special number by the members of the host of the District Handover & Induction Ceremonies with District Governor Josie Ang and Spouse John Ang.


The induction of District Governor Josie Ang by PDG Ed Tumangan.


The Inaugural Speech of District Governor Josie Ang.


Induction of the Legacy Presidents by District Governor Josie Ang.


Group Singing of The Legacy Presidents


A special song number by the Legacy Presidents with District Governor Josie Ang and Spouse John Ang.


Induction of New Rotarians


Charging by District Governor Nominee Connie Beltran of the new Rotarian members of District 3810.


Induction of the new Rotarians by District Governor Josie Ang.