Official Club Data Update Instructions

Only the Rotary Club President and Secretary may Update Club Data!

The following are several ways if a change is needed in the listing of a Rotary Club:

  1. Send the data correction to Rotary International via e-mail at or fax (847) 733-9340.

  2. Ask your club president or secretary to make the change via Member Access.

  3. Ask your club secretary to notify Rotary International in writing on club letterhead. This notice, signed by the club secretary, should be mailed to:

Official Directory
Rotary International
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201 USA

Making the Change via Member Access:

Connect to Rotary International official website: then click on Member Access.


Enter your login information registered with Rotary International. If you have not registered, click on REGISTER NOW instead. You would need your RI ID No. and your Club ID No.


Click on Update Club Data to start updating club data information.


Update any information you need to change.


When done, click on Submit Changes at the bottom of the page. You may now logout after validating all your entries.