District Governor, RY 2008-2009



Our District Governor for RY 2008-2009 is married to Sharing President John Ang and has two children, Maria Naval and Erwin. Maria is a Pediatrician now married to Raul, a businessman. They have 3 kids named Yulia, Saab and Teo. Erwin, a dentistry graduate who now helps run the family business is married to Rio and they have a son named Enzo.


DG Josie took up Chemical Engineering at the University of the Philippines, and at age 23 started her own importation business from meager, borrowed capitalization. In 1979 she ventured into the amusements enterprise as among the very few pioneers in the business. JSA Enterprises now holds office at its own 7 storey building. Her spouse John is the country manager of MEGA Chem Philippines, a Multi National Chemical Distribution Company.


She became a bowling enthusiast, and played competitive bowling from 1993 to 1996. Barely a few months into serious bowling practice, she won the Associated Masters Championship of the 1994 National Games in a televised step ladder final. To the surprise of many, she followed that up by winning the 17th Magallanes Graded Masters Open Championship in the same year. In 1995, she bagged the most coveted Philippine Bowling Congress Graded Masters. She was Lady Bowler of the year for 2 consecutive years in 1994 and 1995 of the SJBA. Our District Governor played for the FCBF Philippine Team to the Asian Intercity, Hongkong 1994, and for the FCBF Philippine Team to Asian Intercity, Kaoshiung Taiwan in 1995. She could have played for another year for the FCBF Philippine Team having topped the qualifying competition in 1996 but opted to join the SJBA Team to the Asian Intercity, Auckland New Zealand so she can support her club and her friends there.


DG Josie was inducted into the Rotary Club of Manila San Miguel in 1996 and became a Paul Harris Fellow 3 months after becoming a Rotarian. Her only understanding of the Rotary Foundation at the time was that the funds would help the projects of Rotary. She led her club as an Eagle President in RY 2001-2002 under PDG Rudy Estrellado with the theme “Mankind is Our Business.” At the end of that term, she and her club was recognized with 22 top awards including the Overall Most Outstanding President Award and her club with the Overall Most Outstanding Club Award. Her flagship project that year is the first DECS accredited hospital based 2 Classroom School at the PGH.  Noteworthy is that the club’s donation of 3 pedicabs aired live for a full hour over DZMM on Christmas day of that year earned the Rotary International Public Relations Award.


Under PDG Rosie Go, she was Assistant Governor, District Directory Chair, DISCON Leaflets and Souvenir Program Chairman. Then under PDG Alex Huang she was Assistant Governor once again, then chaired the DISCON Registration Committee, and was DISCON Treasurer at the same time. That year also saw her successfully handling the nationwide 3rd Philippine Conference on Rotary Concerns as Executive Chairman.


The Centennial year of PDG Joel Tinitigan had her as a member of both the Preparatory and Executive Committees, Chairman of the PETS, Chairman of the Assistant Governor’s Training Seminar and was that term’s Senior Deputy Governor for Manila. She received the Most Outstanding District Officer Award, the Centennial Award and the Rotary Foundation District Service Award.


During the 101 year under PDG Ed Tumangan in RY 2005-2006, she was once again a member of both the Preparatory and Executive Committees, then served as District Secretary, District Chairman of the Handover, District Chairman of the Training the Trainers Seminar, DGSR for RC Manila 101, DISCON Executive Committee Member, DISCON Attendance Chair, DISCON Souvenir Program Chairman and the 101 Coffee Table Book Chair. It was the first hardbound book produced for Presidents in our district. She received the Dream Team Recognition as one of the most outstanding district officers for that year. While doing all that, she was at the same time President of the Rotary Streetchildren Foundation, the only remaining joint venture project of D3810 and D3830. The foundation having gone into hibernation for 2 years came alive and raised over P1 Million in contributions when she initiated a rice campaign to support the Tuloy Center for Street Children in Alabang.


Our Governor has been a resource speaker, a training leader, a faculty member and is an Honorary Member of the Rotary Leadership Institute. When the Rotary Leadership Institute was formed in February this year, she was one of the founding members.  Elected without opposition, she is now serving as District Governor for RY 2008-2009.


DG Josie is a 100 percenter in club meeting attendance for 9 years and became a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation in 2006. Most important of all she has received the highest recognition that Rotary International bestows on a Rotarian --- the “Service Above Self Award.”