March 12-13, 2010 - Harbor Garden, Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Host: Rotary Club of Pasay Silangan


The District Conference 2010 attended by Rotarians, spouses, family of Rotary, partners in service and Rotary friends from other parts of the country and abroad was truly a gathering that showed the ties that bind us.


I received so many congratulatory messages saying DISCON 2010 was one of the most memorable and one of the best we have had in the District. My reply is that it is because of the hard work of all the DISCON 2010 committee chairs and members, the Visionary Presidents, my home club RC Pasay Silangan and most of all the presence of our Rotary club members that made it a success. It was so impressive to see the big attendance in all the segments of our 2-day event.


From the first event, the opening of the project gallery showcasing the activities (and creativity) of our clubs up to the last segment, the Governor's Ball, which was truly a night to remember, to the well organized registration, well prepared program and participants of our programs, elegant decors and setup, professionally done trade exhibit, good food and DISCON bag to the very professionally held Business meeting and very memorable, fun-filled Brazilian night! . . . I can go on and on . . .  but to summarize, DISCON 2010 just simply showed why District 3810 is one of the best districts in the world!


The DISCON 2010 will always be remembered as one of the Visionary team's great moments. Giving more meaning to the success was the show of teamwork, dedication, professionalism and acts to achieve our mutual goal to become a reality. Once again we showed that through great teamwork, concern and confidence we can make things happen. I cannot say thank you enough!


Ma. Concepcion "Connie" N. Beltran

District Governor, RY 2009-2010


(Photos courtesy of RC CEPZ, RC Ramon Magsaysay & RAC Manila)