District Awards 2010

May 28, 2010, Sofitel Philippine Plaza - President Henry Ongchan received the Most Outstanding Rotary Club Overall in District 3810 for RY 2009-2010.



Dear Visionary Presidents and Team District 3810,


Since Friday I have been receiving messages and calls congratulating us for the very memorable "District Recognition and Awards Night." It was a momentous event because of your presence when together we looked back and behold the spectacle of our club's achievements during our year of service under the leadership of our Visionary Presidents.

Again, I would like to say it's an honor to have served with all of you during this very memorable year, a year when Rotarians committed to selfless service when our communities needed us most. It's an honor to have worked with Rotarians who served without looking back for material rewards but just the simple joy and fulfillment derived from doing a good deed and doing what is right.

Our district awards are simple manifestations of gratitude, a simple "Thank you," from the bottom of our heart for the wonderful things we have accomplished. Thank you all who sent messages, it gives me much joy to know that you value these mementoes.

These awards and my words of gratitude may not be enough to say "Thank You" for the magnificent achievements that have made our year a vital part of the colorful history of our district and our organization as a whole, a year that we can all look back to with pride, happiness and joy in our hearts.

To My Home Club, the Rotary Club of Pasay Silangan: My heartfelt gratitude for all your support throughout this Rotary year. You were always there when I needed you, especially during the preparation of our District Handover, District Conference and the District Awards Night.

To All Our District Officers, Assistant Governors, PDGs, Executive Committee (SDGs Gil, Pam, Cynthia, Czar, Ernest, Cris, Johnny, Anthony, Monchet, Jackie, Sonia and Boy): Thank you for your guidance, for your support, for being foundations of strength and  for your invaluable contributions to our tremendous success this Rotary year.

To All Our Clubs: "Thank you" for the good things we have done for others this Rotary year, for sharing with us your generous heart that cares and a heart that shows pure happiness derived in doing a good deed in the pursuit of the Ideal of Service.

To All Our Visionary Presidents: Congratulations for your first-rate service as leaders of your clubs this Rotary Year 2010-2011. You have done more than you can ever imagine and I am deeply proud and honored to have served with you. I am deeply indebted to you for the joys and inner fulfillment that I derive from our year of service.

As I said during my speech last Friday . . . You are now pillars of your clubs and of Rotary International as a whole. May you continue to be sources of inspiration of our fellow Rotarians and the people we serve, may you continue being examples of Rotarians who give their best in pursuing our dreams, achieving more than the ordinary and serving beyond the limits of our imagination. Remember the words of Paul Harris: ". . . the best is yet to be."

Visionary Presidents, my heart is simply overflowing with pride and gratitude to have served with you. You are simply the greatest!

Fellow Rotarians of District 3810, it was an extra ordinary year but we met the challenges that came our way with determination and commitment to service that truly showed "The Future of Rotary is in Our Hands."

From the bottom of my heart, "Thank you so much for a wonderful year."


DG Connie Beltran


DG Connie receiving a gift from the Visionary Presidents.






The 5 Most Outstanding Club Presidents Overall of District 3810, RY 2009-2010:

1.  President Henry Ongchan - RC Bagumbayan-Manila

2. President Solomon Lee - RC Chinatown-Manila

3. President Peter Ngo - RC Manila Metro

4. President Aida Ang - RC Manila San Miguel

5. President Rufino Ibay - RC Pasay MIA


DG Connie with PDG Joel Tinitigan announcing the Most Outstanding Rotary Club Overall in District 3810.


DG Connie and PDG Joel presenting the award to ViP Henry Ongchan for the Most Outstanding Rotary Club Overall Award of District 3810.