The District Governor is concerned with the organization and development of Rotaract clubs and appoints a District Rotaract Chair and the District Rotaract Committee (comprised of Rotarians) to address this issue. This committee works to organize new Rotaract clubs in the district, increase communication among Rotaract clubs, and plan district-wide training for Rotaract club officers.

District Rotaract Chair

The District Rotaract Chair is a Rotarian appointed by the District Governor who helps the governor publicize the Rotaract program, promotes the organization of new Rotaract clubs, and administers the Rotaract program within the district. The chair also provides the leadership necessary for the members of the District Rotaract Committee to carry out these objectives.

The District Rotaract Chair can develop the Rotaract program through an active Rotaract publicity and promotion campaign. The chair should also be a knowledgeable, accessible Rotaract resource person for both Rotary and Rotaract clubs and should take the lead in providing training for the District Rotaract Representative.

In order to successfully manage the whole district, a District Rotaract Vice-Chair is appointed by the District Rotaract Chair by area of responsibility. The Vice-Chairs are responsible to be in communication with the respective Rotary Club Presidents in each area.

District Rotaract Service Fund Committee

The District Governor appoints the District Rotaract Service Fund Committee Chairperson to oversee the collection and administration of the district fund. The committee should be composed of Rotaractors from the district and at least one Rotarian from the District Rotaract Committee. The district service funds must be kept in a separate bank account, which clearly indicates that the fund is the property of the district Rotaract organization and not the personal property of any one person or club.

District Rotaract Representative

The District Rotaract Representative is a Rotaractor elected by the Rotaract clubs in the district. A Rotaractor must complete one year as a Rotaract club president or as a member of the Rotaract District Committee, which is comprised of Rotaractors, before serving as District Rotaract Representative. In districts with only one Rotaract club, the District Rotaract Representative is the most recent, available past Rotaract club president, or current president if the club is recently organized.

The District Rotaract Representative serves as a liaison between the Rotaract clubs and the District Rotaract Committee (comprised of Rotarians) and Rotary International. In order to effectively carry out this function, the District Rotaract Representative must develop a strong communication network among clubs. This same network can be used to relay information from both the district and RI, including such things as Rotaract program and promotional materials, training materials for new club officers, information on special events like World Rotaract Week (the week of 13 March), and copies of THE ROTARIAN, Rotary World, and the online newsletter Rotaract News. The District Rotaract Representative should provide the district and RI World Headquarters with reports of exceptional club projects for international promotion. Rotaract clubs can help the District Rotaract Representative strengthen the district communication network by providing regular updates on new club officers and address changes.

Rotaract District Committee

The District Rotaract Representative may also appoint a Rotaract District Committee comprised of at least five Rotaract members from various clubs in the district. The number of members appointed to this committee varies according to the size of the district and the District Rotaract Representative’s plans for the year. The Rotaract District Committee plans district-wide projects and activities, recommends club service ideas to strengthen clubs, and works with the Rotarians on the District Rotaract Committee to organize new clubs and district training sessions for Rotaract club officers.

District Meetings

Rotaractors are encouraged to organize two district meetings per year. The purpose of district-wide Rotaract meetings is to promote community service projects, increase international understanding, and enhance professional development in a context of friendship and camaraderie.

For example, you might hold the first district-wide meeting to train new club and district leaders. This meeting can be as simple as a breakout session within the district assembly (a leadership training event for Rotary district leaders) or a weekend-long event planned by the district specifically for Rotaract leaders. You might hold the second district-wide meeting to promote fellowship within the district. Rotaractors would have a chance to celebrate the year’s successes, share ideas, and plan service projects, leadership, and professional development activities for the following year.

Multidistrict Activities, Meetings, and Organizations

Multidistrict Activities

Multidistrict activities are Rotaract-sponsored service projects (other than meetings) involving clubs in two or more districts. To organize a multidistrict activity, a Rotaract district must provide RI World Headquarters with documentation demonstrating the approval of the District Rotaract Representatives and District Governors from the participating districts, as well as support from at least two-thirds of the Rotaract clubs in each district. Once approved by the general secretary, the multidistrict activity must be directly supervised by the District Rotaract Representatives, who should make it clear to the clubs that participation is voluntary and costs are to be covered by minimal contributions rather than a mandatory per person fee.

Multidistrict Meetings

Multidistrict meetings are conferences, seminars, or meetings at which Rotaract clubs from several districts come together to discuss issues of importance beyond the district level. All such meetings require that the host District Rotaract Representative provide to the District Governors concerned a copy of the meeting proposal, which describes the date, location, facilities, participants, program, budget, and proof of adequate liability insurance. The host governor must also approve any multidistrict meetings. The District Rotaract Representative should inform the RI directors from the zones and the RI general secretary of the event.

Additionally, multidistrict meetings at the worldwide level require the approval of the RI directors from the zones and the approval of the RI Board of Directors. Proposals for such meetings, including all of the information noted above, should be submitted by the host District Rotaract Rrepresentative to Rotary International well in advance of the meeting to ensure adequate time for RI Board consideration.

Multidistrict Information Organizations (MDIO)

Multidistrict information organizations may be formed between Rotaract clubs in two or more districts to help clubs share information and improve communication. Approval for such organizations must be secured from the governors of the districts involved and the RI Board. Rotaract representatives of the districts involved comprise the membership of such organizations. Each District Rotaract Representative may appoint a member of his or her district organization to carry out the activities of the multidistrict organization. Funds needed to implement a multidistrict organization’s activities must be obtained on a voluntary basis only.

Multidistrict information organizations have no decision-making or legislative powers, except for decisions concerning activities of the organization, for which each District Rotaract Representative has one vote.

International Initiatives

At the international level, Rotaractors coordinate several initiatives. While these initiatives are not coordinated by Rotary International, they prove beneficial to the Rotaract program.


Interota is a worldwide Rotaract meeting held every three years. This triennial meeting offers workshops, discussions, and speakers on topics of interest. It is also an opportunity to network and socialize with fellow Rotarators from around the world. At the meeting, delegations from various countries present conference proposals for the upcoming Interota, and participants then vote to select the next meeting site. Past Interota meeting sites have included Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey.

While not an official Rotary International meeting, RI recognizes the value of this event and supports Interota through approval of its program content and by ensuring representation of RI leadership at this event.

Program Administration

Rotary Theme

Each year, the new RI president introduces a theme that aims to unite the service projects of Rotary and Rotaract clubs around the world. Through this theme, the president invites Rotaract clubs to take part in a global effort to improve world understanding and peace.

RI Rotaract Committee

Each RI president appoints an international committee to advise the Board on the Rotaract program. This standing committee includes both Rotarians and Rotaractors from around the world. Those who wish to make proposals to the Board regarding the Rotaract program should work through the RI Rotaract Committee. Rotaractors interested in serving on this committee should ask a Rotarian to submit a letter of recommendation on their behalf to the RI president-elect. All committee appointments are made at the discretion of the president-elect.

Rotaract Club Certification and Termination

The RI Secretariat acts as a central administrator for Rotaract clubs. Each new Rotaract club is required to submit a completed Rotaract Club Organization List to the international office serving its area, along with a club organization fee equivalent to US$50. This information becomes part of a database of officially organized Rotaract clubs maintained at RI World Headquarters, making it possible to promote international and regional communication among Rotaract clubs.

Once each year, Rotaract clubs are required to provide updated address information to RI World Headquarters to ensure the records are accurate. In addition, if the name or address information for a club president or contact person changes at any time during the Rotary year, that individual must notify Rotary International immediately so that mail sent from the Secretariat is not returned as undeliverable. Keeping RI informed of such changes is crucial because RI has a strict compliance policy:

  1. If mail sent to a club is returned to the Secretariat and RI staff are unable to reach the club president through the District Rotaract Representative, the District Rotaract Chair, the sponsoring Rotary club secretary, or the District Governor, the club is in danger of being terminated by RI.

  2. The Rotaract club has a 90-day suspension period in which to provide updated contact information to RI. If RI doesn’t receive an update within this time, the club will be terminated.

  3. If a Rotaract club wishes to be reinstated after having been terminated by Rotary International, it may do so at any time provided it has the support of its sponsoring Rotary club.

    • Clubs reinstated within one year of official termination by RI are not required to pay the US$50 organization fee.

    • Clubs officially terminated for more than one year must pay the $50 organization fee in order to be officially reinstated with Rotary International.

Worldwide Rotaract Directory

Each year, the Official Directory section of the Secretariat mails to all Rotaract clubs a Rotaract Data Form to verify each club’s contact information and activity. Returning the form before 1 May ensures that your club will be included in the Worldwide Rotaract Directory. Send your Rotaract Data Form to:

Rotary International Official Directory
One Rotary Center
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA

Fax: (847) 328-8554
E-mail: data@rotaryintl.org

By submitting the Rotaract Data Form, clubs can also indicate their interest in participating in international home hosting and partner club projects.

Special Events and Recognition

Rotaract Pre-convention Meeting

The Rotaract Pre-convention Meeting, sponsored by Rotary International, brings together Rotaractors and Rotarians from around the world to share ideas for projects and fellowship. This meeting, usually held in June, immediately precedes the RI Convention. It updates participants on new Rotaract policies and activities, recognizes outstanding Rotaract club projects around the world, and affords an opportunity for Rotaractors to share their ideas with RI officers and staff. Every District Rotaract Representative should attend this meeting. In addition, all club officers and members are invited and encouraged to attend the pre-convention meeting whenever possible.

RI Convention

Rotaractors are invited and encouraged to participate in the four-day RI Convention that follows the Rotaract Preconvention Meeting. Rotaractors take part in special forums, workshops, the projects exhibition, and plenary sessions. Participation in the RI Convention gives Rotaractors a broader understanding of Rotary, its internationality, and its service to the world, as well as a better sense of how Rotaract fits into the Rotary family.

World Rotaract Week

During the week of 13 March, Rotaract clubs and their sponsors join in a celebration of World Rotaract Week, commemorating the date on which Rotary International officially certified the first Rotaract club. In honor of this week, Rotaract clubs are invited to join with their Rotary club sponsors to carry out partner activities. Those who participate receive recognition from Rotary International.

Outstanding Project Awards

Each year, at the Rotaract Pre-convention Meeting, one club is honored for the best international service project, and several regional projects are also recognized. Entries for this competition must be received at RI World Headquarters by 1 March. Entries are judged on