24th Rotaract & Interact Sportsfest 2010

Rules & Regulations

  1.  Objectives

  2. Rules and Regulations


    Participants Eligibility

    The team should also fill-up the line-up form before the activity starts so that the PATAFA officials as well as the committee can easily recognize the participants for the different games and events.

    Referees Decisions and Guidelines

  3. General Provisions

    RCUDM and its members, and the members of the Sportsfest Committee and its Secretariat and the officials of the PATAFA shall not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the course of the competition neither will be held liable for any loss of property or valuables inside the track oval. Neither will it be liable for the cancellation of games due to force majeur and any other circumstance beyond their control.

  4. Prizes

  5. Secretariat