Governor's Monthly Newsletter

Please submit your PROJECT ACTION PICTURE with caption, remember some guidelines on the content and format of the GML.

  1. Articles must tell a story specifically the benefits it provides to the beneficiaries.

  2. Materials, manuscripts, pictures should be submitted in CD forms or send thru email;

  3. The content of materials should follow the RI Monthly Themes unless otherwise modified by the District Governor or the EXCOM.

  4. The 2010-2011 GML will highlights unique projects, outcomes of projects, impact of project to show Rotary in Motion.

  5. Once submitted, all materials automatically become the property of GML.

  6. The 2010-2011 Editorial Board reserves to edit all materials for publication based on the ethical standards of journalism.

  7. The Editorial board will likewise reserve the right to choose materials to be published based on the annual monthly themes of RI or on other themes approved by the District Governor.

  8. The decision of the Editorial Board to publish or not to publish any material submitted is final.

  9. Pictures should portray activities, projects and outcomes and should be action pictures, candid and not contrived.

  10. The GML will issued on the first week of each Month or during Area Meeting which will fall on the first Monday.


    Back Cover, P10,000.00

    Inside Back Cover P5,000.00 (Colored)

    Inside Page, P2,500.00

    NOTE: Special Thanks to RC Bagumbayan for Sponsorship the Back Cover, the credit also goes to Ipp Henry Ongchan for his effort

  12. PISO PARA SA GML; This year GML or Governor's Monthly letter has new face and purpose.... one of which is to request Rotarians to donate P1.00 for every copy of GML. But, please bear in mind that the GML is not for sale since the P1.00 donation only represents less than 5% of the total cost of the GML. The PROCEEDS of the PISO PARA SA GML will go to our less fortunate Mangyan Brothers in Mindoro. This District Initiatve Project will provide alternative energy (SOLAR) to improve their education standards. (e-learning/computer)

The GML 2010-2011 Editorial Board looks forward to your outmost cooperation and contribution to a well read and appreciated publication because all that is printed converts information into knowing and knowing into meaning.