Public Relations & Website Seminar

August 28, 2010, Citimotors, Makati City - Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium headed by Global President Marie Fuentes hosted the District Public Relations & Website Seminar.

Thank you all!!! To all of you who made the PR and Website Seminar a huge success!!!

Our club, RC Pasay Millenium reserved seats for only 50 attendees but the numbers soared to at least over 75 participants.  And it was because you were there.

On behalf of my club, let me thank the following:

DG Tranquil Salvador, as always amiable and delivered his message with his trademark five-pointers, yet inspirational and touching based with the topics at hand.

PDG Lyne Abanilla with a forceful talk enhancing the importance of public relations in Public Imaging citing actual Rotary events where telling a story can incite awareness to non- Rotarians.

PDG Ed Tumangan who we missed at the seminar, but effortlessly guided us through on how to prepare a brief presentation with maximum coverage of the subject matter through SDG Karen Tamayo.

DGN Ismael Mercado, who stayed on even after the seminar was over and showed his rapport with the audience during the distribution of certificates.

SDG Karen Tamayo and District PR Committee for spending her time meeting with the host club and helping us iron out the program details and facilitators.

The facilitators PP Julius Ramos for scriptwriting, PP Gabe Trias for RI, District and club websites, Rtn Ken Tamayo on how to capture photos and convert them into a video presentation and taught the participants on how to be on FB, Twitter, Flixters, Friendsters, etc..

The Global Presidents and Public Relations Officers who spent most of their day in attending Rotary seminars but still very enthusiastic in adding knowledge on how to become  effective presidents.

The District Officers who were there to give moral support.

The Rotaractors of RC Pasay Millenium and Rotaractors from the various clubs in the district who were more in touch with the newest internet technologies, and mind you, they stayed until six pm.

PP Ceasar Genato who unselfishly conceded to our pleas to install a WIFI in his building and personally cooked and served food when we exceeded our reservations.

Our club president Marie Lyne Fuentes who managed to still smile despite the odds we had encountered and to our club members who made even the hardest things to do possible and easy to deal with and their presence alone has made the difference. 

And for those who I might have forgotten to mention, thank you one and all for a wonderful day. Rotarians have learned and enriched themselves with new and innovative ideas on how to maximize usage of PR tools readily available in the web and in their areas of responsibilities.

CP Blyth F. Fielding

RC Pasay Millenium

Event Chairperson


(Download Public Relations Seminar Handout)


District Governor Tranquil Salvador with PDG Lynne Abanilla, DGN Maeng Mercado, Dep. Gov. Gabe Trias and Senior Deputy Governor Karen Tamayo, District Public Relations Chair for RY 2010-2011.


Public Image Regional Group Area Coordinator for South Pacific Regions Lynne Abanilla speaking on the importance of public relations in public imaging.


DG Tranquil Salvador's message.


DGN Maeng Mercado speaking on Effective Public Relations.


Rtn. Ken Tamayo discussed Effective Public Relations - Non-traditional Media.


Dep. Gov. Gabe Trias speaking on the features of the District Website.


Resource Speakers Rtn. Ken Tamayo, Dep. Gov. Gabe Trias and DGN Maeng Mercado receiving their Certificates of Appreciation from Global President Marie Fuentes of Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium and District Public Relations Chair Karen Tamayo.


Attendees receiving their Certificate of Participation from the organizers.


DGN Maeng's Closing Remarks.