District 3810 Website
RY 2009-2010

By Deputy Governor Gabe Trias
District Webmaster
District Internet Communications Group

One of the programs of our District Governor Tranquil Salvador is to have all of the clubs in District 3810 to have their own club websites. In order to achieve this, our Governor has requested that a committee manage and control the development of the club websites. Our district has purchased a package that will host the district and club websites.

A basic homepage for every clubs shall be developed. Any club, at their own choice, may also use any other social networking tools or other ways of developing their own club website as long as they inform the committee of the address so that every club website will be linked from the main club's website.

For only Php 2,000.00 PER YEAR, the committee will develop the club website with no extra hidden charges.  The price includes a domain name of http://rotary3810.org/clubname (e.g. http://rotary3810.org/rcpasay) and one year limited update of  the respective club website in addition to the administration and management of the host and domain used to store each club's documents or photos. Every club will only have to send their photos with a description or narration and other documents they want published to photos@rotary3810.org. The best 2-3 photos of every activity will only be selected and published to prevent overflowing of photos. Limited to only 5 pages, each club would have a link to 5 different documents representing different categories. Initial setup may vary according to the requirements of every Global President. Suggested documents are the club profile, club officers, club members and photos of every activity the club has been involved with.


Every club website developed by the district will have a different design to represent the club's individual identity linking to documentations the club has achieved for the current rotary year. Every club will not be forced to accept our own design but instead, they may submit their own design with a condition to include a window for the district.

District Window

Every club website developed by the district will feature a common District Window where links to sites or documents can be seen in all club websites. This window can also be used for advertising to raise funds for the district.

Club Window

As for each club, any other available space may be used for the same purpose. Any available space on other pages in every site may also be used. Prices of ad space will be at the club's option.