DG Tranquil Salvador III Bowling Cup

October 10-November 7, 2010

Robinson's Pedro Gil/Padre Faura

2nd Level besides Guess Jeans Shop

The league shall be held for Five (5) Sundays

Shadow Bowling: 9:15 a.m.

Roll-Off: 9:30 a.m. (Center Time)

(Rules & Regulations)

Take this opportunity for bonding and fun among your club members and other Rotarians in our district. Everyone is a winner with the mountain of giveaways for the 5 Sunday mornings of friendly handicap competition. In the evened playing field, any team can become the champion and anyone can take home the top individual competition trophies. Games begin at 9 am and usually ends at lunch time.

  1. Team Composition

    Each team shall be composed of a maximum of (6) players with 3 players to be fielded per game. Spouses and children of bonafide Rotarians are allowed to play provided the team fields at least 2 Rotarians in all playing games.

  2. Tournament Fees

    Each team officially entered shall be assessed the following fees:

    First Team                      P7,000

    Second Team                  P6,800

    Third or more                  P6,600

    This assessment shall cover the cost of team and individual competition games and the cost of meals during the awarding ceremonies.

Please register early and letís all get together in this once a year district bowling event!!!


SDG John Ang

RC Manila San Miguel