DG Tranquil Salvador III Bowling Cup



 Robinson's Pedro Gil/Padre Faura

2nd Level besides Guess Jeans Shop

 Shadow Bowling: 9:15 a.m.

 Roll-Off: 9:30 a.m. (Center Time)

DATE :  October 10-November 7, 2010

The league shall be held for Five (5) Sundays




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  1. Each team shall be composed of a maximum of (6) players with 3 players to be fielded per game. Spouses and children of bonafide Rotarians are allowed to play provided the team fields at least 2 Rotarians in all playing games.

  2. The list of team members must be final. No substitution or replacement will be allowed thereafter.

  3. Bowler(s) who have played a game in any team can no longer transfer to another team all through the duration of the league.


Must be a bonafied member of Rotary District 3810 and / or their spouses and childrens. 


  1. Three (3) members to play three games every meeting.

  2. All games played shall include handicaps, according to the rules on handicapping.

  3. The league will run for five (5) playing days, three (3) qualifying games plus one masters’ finals and one (1) positioning / championship game.

  4. Player substitution and changing of positions during a game will not be allowed except after every game.

  5. Tardy players will be allowed to bowl, provided that the lead bowler of its opposing team has not yet rolled the first ball on the 4th frame. A blind player shall be given a blind score of 100 for male and female bowler without handicap.

  6. In case of injury in the middle of the game, and a bowler decides not to continue, he will be given a score corresponding to the score on the frame last bowled plus handicaps. Frames not bowled will be considered zero.

  7. The team with the higher pinfalls plus handicaps shall receive three (3) points, while the opponent shall receive one (1) point. The team with the higher total pinfalls for the series with handicaps, shall receive an additional two (2) points, while the opponent shall receive no point. A maximum of eleven (11) points can be earned every playing day.

  8. In case of a tie in the total pinfalls per game or in the total pinfalls for three games, the number of points being contested shall be divided equally between the contending teams. In case of a tie in the total points earned, the team with the higher number of pinfalls will prevail. In case of a tie in both pinfalls and points, a two frame roll off will be done.

  9. Lane assignments will be drawn on the opening day to determine team lane assignments. It will be a positioning format for the duration of the league except on the first playing day.

  10. All records such as High Game (Scratch / With Handicap), High Series (Scratch / With Handicap) and High Average shall end on the 3rd week.

  11. Points earned from the elimination round shall be carried over to the championship. The championship round will be participated by all the teams based on rankings and will play three (3) games with handicaps.


  1. Computation of handicaps will be based on 180 less the entering average

  2. The maximum handicap will be based on the entering average. However, in no case shall it be more than 40 for men and 60 for ladies.

  3. Handicaps will be floating, meaning, they will be computed weekly based on running average. This will continue until the last playing day which is the championship.

  4. Each bowler’s handicap shall be recomputed after every playing day.

  5. Entering average/handicap for new players shall be 160/20 for men and 150/30 for women.


  1. All team members are required to wear their official uniform reflecting their team name/logo starting on the opening day. A member(s) is/are permitted to wear their old uniforms provided that the team’s logo/name is printed on it.

  2. Bowlers who are not in proper uniforms will have a deduction of ten (10) pins from his / her team per game played.


Official score sheets must be verified and signed by the Team Captain immediately after each game. Failure to do so would be construed as being in agreement that the scores are correct and no protest shall be entertained thereafter.



  2. There will be no practice bowling in between games. All team members are hereby enjoined to have their shadow bowling before the start of the first game. Penalty for non-compliance will be not to allow that particular bowler to be included in the team’s line-up for that game.

  3. All protests must be in writing and submitted to the Tournament Committee within 24 hours after the game in question occurred. After such time, no other protests will be entertained. The Tournament Committee’s decision(s) on any protest(s) shall be final. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make the final interpretation of any of the rules and regulations from situations not covered herein.

  4. The Tournament Committee which is composed of all team captains will serve as head of the tournament and as such, will carry the function of over-seeing the league, responsible for all technical aspects of the tournament and will act as the moderator of all its technical proceedings. It serves the right to decide or promulgate rules on subject matter not covered herein, in the spirit of fairness, sportsmanship and dedication for the success of the league. Foul line will strictly be imposed.

  5. Team Captains are held responsible to their team members on the rules and format of the league.

  6. Using of powder in the lanes/shoes is strictly prohibited.

  7. Shadow bowl will strictly be at 9:15 a.m. and roll-off at 9:30 a.m. (center time) on all playing days except for the Masters Finals which will be announced.

  8. All game postponements will be announced a week in advance unless caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Organizers.

  9. Typhoon signal no. 2 and above, as officially announced by PAG-ASA automatically cancels the games scheduled for the day.

  10. In case of severe flooding, games shall also be cancelled.

  11. It shall be the duty of the team captain to call up the Bowling Center (556-1533 / 34) or the Tournament Director (0919-4200128), for confirmation on whether the games have been cancelled.


To qualify, bowlers should have at least played a minimum of four (4) games. There will be two separate divisions, the Male and Female Divisions. The top thirty six (36) male and top twelve (12) female bowlers, with the highest average without handicap will play six (6) games without handicaps for male and with handicaps for the female in the masters. However, any qualifier who fails to register or who arrives late shall automatically be disqualified and shall be replaced. The first seeded player will qualify to play, and so on and so forth. 


The tournament committee shall be composed of team captains of all participating teams. The committee shall police, deliberate and decide on matters involving infractions on the rules and regulations of this league.

X.      AWARDS

  1. Major Awards


    1st runner-up

    2nd runner-up

  1. Minor Awards

    a)  Team Awards

         Highest Team  Game (scratch/with handicap)

         Highest Team Series  (scratch/with handicap)

          b)  Individual Awards (Men and Ladies)

               High Average

               High Game  (scratch/with handicap)

               High Series  (scratch/with handicap)

  1. Masters (Men’s Division – 3 Groups)

    Mens’ Group Champion              Ladies Division - Champion

    1st runner-up                               1st runner-up

    2nd runner-up                              2nd runner-up

For Strict Compliance.


Tournament Director

CMT : (0919) 4200128