Trip to Mindoro - An Experience of Many Firsts
by SDG Ched Bagatsalon-Sy

Photos courtesy of RC Manila South Pres. Tutchi Tutica

Last August 21-23, 2010, District Gov. Tranquil Gervacio S. Salvador III , some District Officers and many Global Presidents went to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and  attended the Governor’s Visit and Joint Induction of  three (3) Mindoro Clubs  (RC San Jose, RC San Jose Tamaraw,  and RC Samarica San Jose). 

The trip to Mindoro was a first to most of the visiting Rotarians, but it was not only the “First” that happened on that weekend.  (Never thought that it would be possible to have many firsts, and only few seconds and thirds.


Historically, it was the first time that so many Visiting Rotarians have come to Mindoro at one time. It was the biggest delegation with 19 District Officers, 29 Global Presidents, and 5 Visiting Rotarians from Rotary Club of Sampaloc.  Wow talaga! Before, we’re lucky to be visited by 3 District Officers (including the Governor).  The most number of guests we had was during the Legacy and Visionary Years wherein we had more than 10 but less than 20 Visiting Rotarians for our GVI.

It was also the first time that the five (5) Tribu Mindoro Global Presidents attended an event together. During their pre-PETS,  PETS, DISCON 2010, DISTAS and even the recent Handover, one or two of the five Mindoro Global Presidents were not around. This is the first District event that we saw them all together. Sweet!

First-ever Joint Induction of the three (3) San Jose Rotary Clubs.  Previously, Inductions of Mindoro Clubs were conducted on separate occasions, sometimes same day but different time, never jointly.  In Gov. Tranquil’s speech that night, he emphasized Unity in Diversity, capturing the unity that prevails despite the diverse characters of every club and personalities. Great!

The first time also that SDG John Ang and SDG Bernie Sagsagat conducted the Charging of Club Officers and New Members in a Global Induction.  Usually PDGs are invited to do the Charging.  (Maybe, these two SDGs can be future DGs.)

First Global Induction with Fellowship of Dancing and Drinking afterwards, which lasted until past midnight.  According to Global Presidents who attended, they usually go home or in separate ways right after their classmate’s Inductions as they have to be up early the following day, normally a weekday.  This time, it’s todo-todo until there’s tugtog and kwento!

First Fellowship (2nd night) attended by guests with different attires – some came in their pajamas and super casual shorts and shirts, while others in their best casual attire - in their slacks, skirts, leather shoes/dancing shoes. It was decided late that it will be a Pajama party, so some came dressed in their sleepwear, others in their clothes before they sleep!

First Fellowship (2nd night) also that Dancing and Singing were alternately, and even sometimes simultaneously, being done.  The guests were singing along with the Videoke, then a lit’l later when a dancey tune is being sung, there were others dancing as if back-up dancers. Then afterwards, dance music will be played and there will be continuous ballroom dancing on the dance floor – ladies in pajamas, D.I.s in slacks and leather shoes as partners, or ladies in dancing shoes and guys in slippers!  Truly Unity in Diversity!

And speaking of Unity in Diversity, the Dental Mission Project conducted on August 22, Sunday at Siete Central Elementary School was also the first time that so many Presidents and District Officers from different Rotary Clubs of District 3810 – total of forty-seven (47) Clubs – co-hosted/co-sponsored a worthwhile project.  The Mindoreños beneficiaries are truly thankful.  Maramin- maraming Salamat!

Again, First time ever that many Global Presidents  sang their hearts out videoke singing. The non-stop singing started after the sumptuous lunch at the La Tierra Roja Resort of Pres. Andy Estefanio after the Dental Mission project, up to the Fellowship at Sikatuna Beach Hotel until midnight! And take note that scores never go down below 93! Some even got perfect 100 scores!  Who knows, District 3810 might have Global Singing Ambassadors in the near future.  Why not?!?!

First time also that we saw Gov. Tranquil sang so many wonderful songs (with super high scores), and danced continuously on the dance floor.  As if the two days tedious activities did not tire him down!  We salute you Gov. You’re a real trooper.  We knew you’re drained and exhausted but in the spirit of camaraderie, and true service above self, you led the group to worthwhile activities, and fun-filled get-togethers that bond the Global Team more. Mabuhay ka, Gov!

And another first time worth mentioning is that, this Global year is the first time that so many Mindoreños have been appointed to hold District/Area Level Positions. In previous years, there were only one or two District/Area Officers for Mindoro Area.. It is only for RY 2010-2011 that 13 Mindoro Rotarians are holding more than 15 District/Area positions. Galing!

Well, many memorable Firsts happen so that many equally worthwhile Seconds and Thirds will follow and to be experienced.

The Mindoreños sincerely thank and appreciate Gov. Tranquil and the Global Team. Special thanks goes to the kind-hearted Rotarians who did not come to Mindoro but still co-sponsored the Dental Mission Project.

God bless you all, and God bless you more!

SDG Ched