25th Rotaract/Interact Sportsfest 2011

February 6, 2011

Track and Field Oval of Ultra, Pasig City

I.    Objectives

  • To strengthen fellowship, camaraderie, goodwill, and good health among the youth and their adult counterpart.

  • To discover and enhance Rotaractors and Interactors capabilites in the field of sports and involve then in social actions as an essential ingredient of quality leadership and sportsmanship.

II.   Rules and Regulations


II.a    Participants

  • All Rotary Clubs of District 3810, Rotaract and Interact members,  Rotarians and guests can come, join and witness the said activity

  • All Rotaract and Interact Clubs should bring their respective banners to be used during the parade.

II.b       Participants Eligibility

  • All participating teams should fill up the registration form and obtain the rules and regulations of the events. The registration form must be completed with the waiver for every participant and submitted to the RCUDMís secretariat at the latest a week before the event starts.

  • The participating Clubs must also pay the registration fee to cover the expenses for PATAFA Officials fee, snacks, food and beverages, t-shirts, track oval rentals, and prizes. Payment must be made at the latest a week before the event or at the date that will be specified. NO PAYMENT, NO ADMISSION AND NO PARTICIPATION during the Sportsfest. The sponsoring Rotary Club will be fully responsible in the payment of the registration fee.

The participation fee

per Rotaract and Interact Club:

 Php2,000.00 for a team of 10 members and

Php3,500.00 for a team of 11-20 members

  • Rotaract and Interact participants must be of good moral character and actively participating in their respective clubs.

  • The team captain and officers of the participating team should attend the sportsfest orientation and briefing on their designated monthly district meeting, to avoid any problem during the said activity.

  • Team Captainís name should be identified on the Registration Form.Ē

  • The team should also fill-up the team line-up form before the activity starts so that the PATAFA officials as well as the committee can easily recognize the participants for the different games and events.

  • Participants should also be physically and mentally healthy so as to avoid any problems during the activity.

  • Sportsfest participants shall be limited to bonafide members of recognized and duly sponsored Rotaract and Interact Clubs of Rotary International. There are two categories of competition, one for Rotaract and another for Interact.

  • Only duly certified list of players will be officially accepted with notification that they are bonafide Rotaract and Interact members by their advisers. Non-Rotaractors and non-Interactors are not allowed to join the Sportsfest.

  • Regardless of age  and sex, all Rotaract and Interact participating teams shall be limited to only 20 members per team who shall be duly registered with the RCUDM Secretariat of RCUDM Sportsfest Committee. Each RAC/IAC participant will be assigned a permanent number. Swapping of numbers is not allowed. Substitution, however, is allowed provided that the officials are informed beforehand. Each participant is allowed to join a maximum of 2 individual events.

  • Definitely school athletes will not be allowed to join the Sportsfest whether or not they are Division, Regional or National athletes. Any team violating this rule will be automatically disqualified and shall forfeit its registration fee.

II.c      Referees Decisions and Guidelines

  • Referees decision is final and unquestionable.

  • Each game and event shall have referee/judges.

  • Each team/participant shall be scored accordingly.

  • In case of a tie, the committee and referee shall break it by simply voting whom they think should win. The final result shall be submitted to the Committee Chairman who shall take charge of announcing the winners.

  • The team obtaining the highest overall score shall be declared the grand winner, second prize, third prize, and so on.

  • No substitution of Rotaract players will be allowed for their Interact players counterpart.

  • The Rotaract Club/ Interact Club of the school must take charge of the Sportsfest and not the PEHM Department.

  • Depending on time availability, the Sportsfest Committee reserves the right to cancel some games but every effort will be exerted to include all stated games as much as possible.

  • Any acts of unsportsmanship, ungentlemanly behavior, mischievous or malicious intent to cause injuries or damages to lives and property will not be allowed and offenders will be dealt with severely.

  • PATAFA officials shall be officiating all events. All decisions rendered by them shall be considered final and non-appealable.

III. General Provisions

  • RCUDM and its members, and the members of the Sportsfest Committee and its Secretariat and the officials of the PATAFA shall not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the course of the competition neither will be held liable for any loss of property or valuables inside the track oval. Neither will it be liable for the cancellation of games due to force majeure and any other circumstance beyond their control.

IV. Prizes

  • Prizes for the overall team Champion, 1st and 2nd runner-ups include trophies and cash prizes.

  • Prizes for the Cheering Event Champion, 1st and 2nd runner-ups include trophies and cash prizes.

  • Trophies will be given to each winning team for every events or fun games.

V. Secretariat

  • All registration forms, payments, inquiries about the Sportsfest may be directed to:

Rotary Club of University District Manila

RCUDMís Secretary : Ms. Ann Iris

RCUDM Multi-purpose Center

c/o Claro M. Recto High School

3rd St. Concepcion Aguila St. San Miguel, Manila


Telefax: 559.1952 / 0935.9137336