The Governor's Visit


August 22, 2012, Island Cove Hotel & Leisure Park




PbP Evelyn Dominguez's call to order.


PP Gaysol Luna as moderator.


Invocation by PP Yvonne Nakazawa.


PP Gabe Trias introducing new member Alvin Araki.


DG Maeng introducing his team.


PP Yvonne Nakazawa reporting on Club Administration.


IPP Norma Valeroso reporting on Club Membership.


PP Jo Pareja reporting on Vocational Service.



PP Gabe Trias reporting on International Service & New Generation Service.


PP marni Sy reporting on The Rotary Foundation.


The Treasurer's Report by PP Roland Paita.


Evaluation and comments by DG Maeng and his team.


PbP Evelyn adjourning the Governor's Visit.



PbP Evelyn's One-On-One with DG Maeng.