IAC RNHS Orientation & Team Building

July 7, 2013, Rosario, Cavite - First Class President Gabe Trias attended the orientation and team building activity of the Interact Club of Rosario National High School headed by IAC FCP Marc Kenneth Nazareno and supervised by Rtn. Reggie Pugay, a teacher at the said school. This activity was organized with the help of the Rotaract Club of CEZ led by FCP Jhun Jhun Ortiz.





FCP Gabe Trias giving his welcome remarks to the participants of the activity.



FCP Jhun Jhun Ortiz of RAC CEZ giving an inspirational message.



The Interact Club of Rosario National High School with more than 180 members.




FCP Gabe Trias pinning this year's rotary theme logo "Engage Rotary, Change Lives" to IAC RNHS FCP Marc Kenneth Nazareno and Adviser, Rtn. Reggie Pugay.




Interact Club of RNHS invited Mr. Arnold Ramos, a teacher from their school, to give a motivational talk and activity to their members.



Mr. Ramos giving an activity entitled "Spirit of Leadership in the Coin". All the more than 180 participants must simultaneously lay their coins from their eye-level down to the floor with hearing only one click of the coins they are holding. Then, they must also simultaneously hold it back up to their eye-level. The participants have to do this neither making any noise nor talking to each other.






Members of the Rotaract Club of CEZ sharing their experiences and giving words of wisdom to the participants.



Selected members of each team showing off with the "Gimme Gimme" dance music.





An attemp to set a record for the most number of Interactors dancing to the music of "Gimme Gimme" .



Each team has to come up with their own design of their group flag, a part of the Team Building activity. They were also tasked to prepare a cheer and to name their own team.




The organizers of the activity - IAC RNHS and RAC CEZ, with FCP Gabe Trias.