Welcome to the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone! The club started as an informal gathering of zone enterprise executives whose common interest was increased productivity and success of their respective companies in terms of volume of efforts and profits.

As the declared constituents of RC CEPZ, the workers of the Zone, presently numbering 75,000, are principal beneficiaries of most of the Club's projects. The club has institutionalized the annual search for the Most Outstanding Worker of CEZ (MOWoC Awards), Annual Medical-Dental Missions, the Soup Kitchen Feeding Program. The club maintains its own website:

An important distinction between Rotary and other organizations is that membership in Rotary is by invitation only. Membership is vital to a Rotary club's operations and community service activities. A primary goal of the club is to continually expand the club with committed members who have the interest and ability to get involved in service and humanitarian projects. Prospective members must:

  • Hold — or be retired from — a professional, proprietary, executive, or managerial position;

  • Have the capacity to meet the club's financial obligations, weekly attendance or community project participation requirements;

  • Live or work within the locality of the club or the surrounding area.

Rotary uses a classification system to establish and maintain a vibrant cross-section or representation of the community's business, vocational, and professional interests among members and to develop a pool of resources and expertise to successfully implement service projects. This system is based on the founders' paradigm of choosing cross-representation of each business, profession, and institution within a community. A classification describes either the principal business or the professional service of the organization that the Rotarian works for or the Rotarian's own activity within the organization.

As a professional member of our community, we are inviting you to join us and be a member of our club in promoting Rotary ideals ever putting into practice Rotary’s motto: “Service Above Self.” Please send the following contact information to so that we may be able to contact and invite you personally.

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