Blood Donation to Evander

July 3, 2011

Philippine General Hospital, Manila

Evander Maquinto has Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma that has extended to his throat causing severe dyspnea. He will first need embolization of the tumor before it is resected. There will be major cost of around 100,000 pesos - primarily for necessary supplies related to embolization and surgery. No charge for interventional radiologists or surgeons since these will be done in PGH.


The pre-operative embolization is a procedure done by Interventional Radiologists. Purpose of this is to block a blood vessel that feeds the tumor so when the operation is performed, there will be less blood loss. But, in spite of this, patient will still need blood for the anticipated blood loss.


We have donated 20 bags of blood for Evander Maquinto. An anonymous person has sponsored the embolization cost together with PHI International, through Phi Kapwa Mo program. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Jess Socrates of Phi Kapwa Mo regarding the patient's case. 


Surgery will be performed by either an ENT surgeon or neurosurgeon (or by both).


Here is some educational info: an EMBOLUS usually refers to a blood clot that travels from the legs to the lungs. This is a common cause of SUDDEN UNEXPECTED DEATH. When a blood clot reaches the lungs, the events that follow are ultra rapid and deadly. 


Embolization is an intervention that produces the same thing except it is targeted to the exact blood vessel that feeds the tumor. Blocking the vessel with an embolus, stops the blood flow to the tumor. This makes surgery much less bloody than usual.