RC CEPZ Relief Operation for Tacloban

November 15, 2013 - Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone (RC CEPZ) contributed 34 cases of 1,000 liter bottled water and 2 boxes of bread c/o PP Marni Sy for the District 3810 Relief Operation in Tacloban the next day. Other relief goods contributed by other members of RC CEPZ include: 2 boxes of clothing from PP Amy Reyes-Llave, and 650 bottles of water and 200 kilos of used clothing from PP Yvonne Nakazawa.


PP Yvonne Nakazawa's relief goods contribution of 650 bottled water from PP Yvonne's Keshra's Well and 200 kilos of used clothing.


PP Amy Reyes-Llave's 2 boxes of clothing.


The 34 cases of 1,000 liter of bottled water c/o Marni Sy.


The bread c/o PP Marni Sy.