10 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ Awards


December 14, 2012, Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite - RI District 3810's District Governor Ismael "Maeng" Mercado, Cavite Export Zone Investors Association Nobuo Fujii and Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla's Representative Matchie Figueroa with PeaceBuilder President Evelyn R. Dominguez honored the winners of Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone (RC CEPZ) 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone during Cavite Economic Zone's Workers' Night held annually by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) in cooperation with Cavite Export Zone Investors Association (CEZIA).


The 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone (MOWoC Awards) is being conducted by RC CEPZ every year to honor the outstanding workers nominated by the companies inside the zone. On its 19th year nominees were interviewed on December 6, 2012 by a panel of judges invited by RC CEPZ to select the 10 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ 2012.


The winners were awarded with a Certificate of Recognition and a prize reward of P10,000 each donated by Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla (Major donor), Rosario Mayor & Rtn. Nonong Ricafrente and Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone.



The nominees of this year's 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone.


The 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone seated in front as the MOWoC Awardees to be presented witheir certificates and cash rewards.


Members of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone led by RI District 3810 Governor Ismael Mercado with Club Secretary Gabe Trias, MOWoC Awards Chair Norma Burgos Valeroso, PP Gaysol Luna, PP Yvonne Nakazawa, PbP Evelyn Dominguez and PP Marni Sy. — at Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario Cavite.


RI District 3810 Governor Maeng Mercado with (from left) RC CEPZ Club Secretary Gabe Trias, PP Marni Sy, PP Gaysol Luna, PP Yvonne Nakazawa, Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla's representative Tomasita Mariquit Figueroa, Cavite Economic Zone Investors Association President Nobuo Fujii, RC CEPZ PeaceBuilder President Evelyn Dominguez, MOWoC Chair Norma Burgos Valeroso and PP Roland Paita. — at Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario Cavite.



Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation to participating companies.


Participating Companies:

Bridgestone Precision Molding Phil., Inc.
Castem Phils., Corp.
CS Garments, Inc.
Hayakawa Comp. Technologies,Inc.
Hayakawa Elec (Phils.) Corp.
HS Technologies (Phils.) Inc.
Mitsuwa  Phils., Inc.
NT Phils., Inc.
PTON Corporation


Presentation of cash rewards to all nominees.


Nominees Recognition

Casasola June B. P. IMES Corp.
Casbadillo Renante S. Bridgestone Precision Molding Phil., Inc.
Dio Feliciano, Jr. N. P. IMES Corp.
Doria Rowena T. Mitsuwa  Phils., Inc.
Haboc Jose , Jr. N. PTON Corporation
Jardin Pepito   Hayakawa Comp. Technologies,Inc.
Jimenez Maritess   HS Technologies (Phils.) Inc.
Parin Allan   Hayakawa Elec (Phils.) Corp.
Rivera Lourdes   CS Garments, Inc.


Presentation of Certificate of Achievement and cash rewards to the winners.




The 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone 2012

Roy B. Bagacay

PTON Corporation

Testing and Assembly Personnel

No record of tardiness and absences for the past year!

An employee with a good heart and admirably positive attitude, efficient and productive, self motivating and a good simulator, concerned and involved with different undertakings the company crosses.

Jessica S. Climacosa

Hayakawa Component Technologies, Inc.

Production Operator

Six times recipient of the Annual Perfect Attendance Award

Due to her skills and fast learning ability, she was immediately trained in a higher position without the requirement to be trained in Japan and showing remarkable performance.

George L. Fajardo

HS Technologies (Phils.), Inc.

Line Leader in Production Department

A 4-Year Perfect Attendance Awardee

Maintains the quality and productivity of the section he handles consistently receiving an award for "NO CUSTOMER CLAIM"for his section.

Roselda P. Ibañez

CS Garments, Inc.

Sewer in Assembly 1 Section

For 15 years she has barely a maximum of 1 day absent per year.

Her loyalty to the company is far beyond compare. Despite the job opportunities offered to her locally and abroad, she still preferred to stay with CS Garments.

Teodoro B. Magsino

NT Philippines, Inc.

Quality Engineer in Quality Assurance Depratment

Among his fellow engineers, he has the best performance in attendance & punctuality. Perfect attendance for the past 2 years!

He once said to his co-worker: "Be sure you will work with quality at dapat nasa puso ang trabaho at mahal mo ito… Not all is about money, yes we need money BUT knowledge is more than enough. Hindi mananakaw, hindi mababayaran, dala-dala mo kahit saan ka man mapunta."

Merlyn B. Peleña

Bridgestone Precision Molding Phils., Inc.

Assistant II is Production and Engineering Department

To date, she has accumulated 45 consecutive months of Perfect Attendance, a total of almost four years without lates and absences!

She treats her work not just a source of income but a way of life and a reflection of her as a person. She once said: "Ang performance at attitude mo sa trabaho ay nagpapakita rin kung anong klaseng tao ka!"

Jonna Gey M. Pesigan

Hayakawa Electronics Phils. Corporation

Process Quality Control Staff in QCA Department

100% attendance record who always report for work on time!

Currently working as the immediate superior of all Final Inspectors initiating improvement to further upgrade the section performance focusing to motivate and give advise for the quality of work improvement.

Reniño G. Sangalang

Castem Phils., Corp.

Production Operator in Casting Department

He shows consistency in achieving perfect attendance for the past 2 consecutive years.

Reduced the spoilage of sand resulting in considerable savings for the company.

Sheryl P. Sta. Elena

P. IMES Corp.

Line Leader in Box Assembly Operations Department

Has received several awards for Perfect Attendance since 2007.

"Para sa kanya," as one of her co-wrkers has said, "Ang isang singko ang mawala o masayang ay napakalaking kalugihan sa kompanya!"

Cristina P. Vergara

Mitsuwa  Phils., Inc.

Production Staff in Production Department-Production Control Section

Exceptionally punctual in observing working hours and break period with a very good attendance record in the past year.

She gives more to the company than what she was paid for setting an example to other employees that through hard work and perseverance, they can achieve personal and professional growth.