District 3810 Greenhouse Project

February 13, 2012 - A District Grant Application was submitted by Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone (RC CEPZ) for a construction of a greenhouse at Bagbag II Elementary School (B2ES) with the approval from District Rotary Foundation Chair PDG Josie Ang and Changemaker District Governor Ernie Choa. Named as Bagbag II Elementary School Greenhouse Project, DRFC Josie suggested to rename the project as the District 3810 Greenhouse Project.


Bagbag II Elementary School is a primary school located at the municipality of Rosario, Cavite, Philippines, the second most densely populated municipality in the province of Cavite. Geographically, Rosario is bounded in the north-northeast by Noveleta, in the South by Tanza and in the west-southwest by Manila Bay. It lies 30 km south of Manila, and 17 km south-southwest of Cavite City. It is accessible by land and water (sea) transportation.


Aside from heavy rains and typhoons that destroy the existing school garden, most of the schools in the lowland areas are prone to flooding, combating the increasing malnutrition problems are diminished. Teaching the students on how to cultivate land and propagate vegetable plants are somewhat impossible to achieve with this problem.

he Department of Education launched a program “Gulayan sa Paaralan” (School Vegetable Garden) where all schools, both in primary and secondary levels should establish a vegetable garden within their respective areas. Its aim is to teach the students on how to cultivate land and propagate vegetable plants encouraging the youth to help in the production of foods particularly vegetables. The program also aims to combat the increasing malnutrition problems among Filipino children. The program is spearheaded by the respective school principal and administrator with the help of the teachers.


However, with the limited funding from the Department of Education, the vegetable garden that was put up at B2ES for this program, could not be used to attain its aim due to current situation of the location of the garden.


The proposed activities, including the need it will address, the intended beneficiaries, and the potential benefits to the community.

  1. Promote “Organic Farming” (farming/gardening without the use of any chemical substances) in the production of vegetables and vegetable fruits in the school community.

  2. Production of off-season vegetables throughout the year for continuous supply of fresh vegetables.

  3. Production of early maturing, high-yielding and high-quality vegetables and vegetable fruits to help combat the malnutrition problems in the community.

  4. Promote the program “Gulayan sa Paaralan” by the Department of Education.

The Bagbag II Elementary School Parents, Teachers Association which was formally organized as a Rotary Community Corps shall be involved in the maintenance and operation of the program. They shall also be involved in the sale of the produce to the public to raise money to fund the operating expenses for the continuity of the whole program. As members of the community, with the help of the Rotaract Club of Cavite Economic Zone and the school’s EarlyAct Club, shall assist in the operation of the program; they shall also be involved in the implementation of the proper cultivation of the land, propagation of the vegetable plants and proper maintenance of the equipment and infrastructure.


Originally requested by the school Principal Marcos Aristotle Alvarez, RC CEPZ Rotary Foundation Chair Gabe Trias submitted the proposal for a grant from the district. Approved on March 7, 2012 by District rotary Foundation Chair PDG Josie Ang with the approval of Changemaker District Governor Ernie Choa, RC CEPZ requested its sister club Rotary Club of Ihcheon West from D3740-Korea to be its partner in this project, which they readily agreed. RC Ihcheon West donated $3,000 for this project. Club TRF Chair Gabe immediately started the initial discussion with the school administration headed by Principal Marcos on March 11th.


On April 23rd, a ground-breaking ceremony was conducted with District Governor-Elect Ismael "Maeng" Mercado as guest of honor with Presidents from RC CEPZ CmP Norma Valeroso, RC Tanza CmP AntonioVilses Jr. and RC Trece Martirez  CmP Ismael Mahipus, Jr.


A Rotary Community Corps of Bagbag II Elementary School (RCC B2ES) composed of the Parents and Teachers of the school was organized on the same day to serve as the main caretaker of the whole project with Mrs. Ma. Theresa E. Quintao elected as President. A Memorandum of Agreement between RC CEPZ, RCC B2ES, and the School Administration was signed on the same day.


After a month of construction, the project started to realize other problems the project may face during the rainy season. An elevation and water drainage problem occurred when typhoons enraged the region which flooded the school. Improper drainage caused the slow receding of the flood waters. A final report was then submitted to DRFC Josie Ang.


On December 22nd, Club Secretary Gabe Trias made a surprise visit. A new Agriculture Teacher Nicanor B. Garcia is now assigned to manage the Greenhouse Project. Graduated with an Agriculture Degree at Cavite State University-Indang, Mr. Garcia made some major changes on the project replacing the poly-carbonate panel walls with heavy duty fish nets to allow more air to come in; more plants have grown much better with all the changes he has made. Mr. Garcia has also discussed the other changes he would like more necessary funding to implement for the care of the whole project.