Midyear Review 2011

Let’s Not Prolong my Agony...

January 21-23, 2011, First World Hotel, Genting, Malaysia - After countless sleepless nights of revising my presentation, of making sure that I end within 5 minutes, of talking in front of the mirror, and that I more or less covered the first 6 months of my term, it all boiled down to that 5 minute presentation. It was like defending my dissertation. Was I nervous? Not actually. I was just hoping to put a stop to my agony and get it over and done with. But definitely, it was one of the most fulfilling minutes of my life.

I am legally of the right age. But sometimes, I get the joke out of it. Ate Joi and I decided to try our luck at the Casino. We forgot our passport and so we went upstairs to get it for us to have a Genting card for souvenir. When we went back, we took off our shoes because we were wearing a 3 inch stiletto and walked around the hotel bared feet with people staring at us. When we arrived back at the casino, the guard didn’t allow me to enter and asked for my age. I showed him my driver’s license. He said I look like a teenager... hahaha I love Genting!

After the dreaded Midyear Report as what the others might call it, the Rotarians from District 3810 posed for different camera shots. Female Rotarians from different areas literally just sat down on the carpeted floor and hugged each other. Even other District Officers joined the Global Presidents as they exchange laughters and stories while waiting for the lunch meal stub.

It was a first time for the majority of the Global Presidents to take Air Asia so we were “expecting” or “unexpecting” a lot of things. Since the computer randomly selected my seat, I was placed at the end of the plane. Some of my Kuya volunteered that I take their seat in front which I readily took. To my surprise, they didn’t order any meal... hahahaha... ending, I needed to confirm to the stewardess that I just exchanged my seat with a friend.... thank God it wasn’t too hard too hard for them to understand me.

Too many cameras to look at....

After the early breakfast, our group of Global Presidents decided to roam around with our “cameras” on hand. The GPs do not get tired of taking pictures. We were in the elevator when a bunch of GPs from the upper side and from the lower side of the elevator took pictures of us simultaneously. You can actually tell in the picture that we didn’t know where to look at until we reached the elevator and almost hit the others below.


After months of anticipation, the Global Presidents invaded Genting by storm. Literally; because of the laughters, stories, adventures, and camaraderies  that were evident. The Midyear Review proper didn’t stop the GPs in exploring the place which for some was a shopping haven even for the male GPs. Even the sleepless nights because of fellowships and adventures didn’t stop the Globals in mingling with the group and with other Rotarians as well. Some even tried their luck at the Casino. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.