My Experience as the 58th President of Rotary Club of Cavite

Iíve never imagined myself as the president of a big organization. Back then, I was contented with how things were going on. I teach Reading to Grade 1 kids, I go to graduate school to finish my Ph. D, and I enjoy my time with my family. But the thing is, blessings and challenges do come without you even noticing it.

I wish to share the some things that Iíve learned for the past months as the president of this organization.

1.       Stand up and reach out

As the youngest president in the group, itís quite hard to prove that you are already responsible enough to take such big responsibilities. Most of the time, I would still pinch myself if Iím really living this moment. But I know that I need to stand up and prove that I can already be a president and need to reach out and prove that Iím dependable.

2.       Make a difference, be part of that change

Itís high time to make a difference. In this busy world, we need to go out of our way and be that person who is willing to be included in that change.

Sometimes people fear change. They fear the thought of deviating from their usual activity and from the usual what ifs and why nots. But the dreaded reality is to make a difference, we must be open and willing to be that agent of change. We should not just say that we want change but rather letís work together to make that change.

3.       No success is overnight in nature

Not even the hotel tycoons or facebookís developers can say that success happened to them overnight. My parents would always tell me that if I want to get something, I have to be willing to work hard for it, be willing to take the sacrifices, as well as the setbacks. But when we fail, do we simply give up? When people tell you that you canít do it, never believe them. Show them by being successful in your own little way.

4.       Enjoy and make good memories

Iíve mentioned before that this is truly one of the best years of my life. My dad would tell me to just enjoy my term being the president. That I should not be pressured from the projects and from the other facets of being a president. And that the friends that I will be having will be my friends for life. And its very true. Iíve met kuyaís and ateís who truly treat me like a fragile ďbunsoĒ. But the bottomline is, they let me be me. They let me act my age but they respect my personality. Iím making good memories. Those memories are the things that I really hold on to when Iím already down with all the projects and with all the workload. Those good memories are the things that make me feel thankful that I was given the opportunity to be the president which carries a huge responsibility.

After several months I can genuinely say that Iím enjoying and Iím ready to continue making good memories with my classmates, members, and most of all, with the people I help and care about.