Why Attend Inductions?

This week was just amazing. I am slowly learning day by day how to adjust my schedule. Some of my classmates would ask me how come I attend all the inductions of my classmates. For me, itís not about the award that one may receive for attending the most number of inductions. Personally, itís all about fel lowship.

Since the first fellowship last October, 2009, I believe I have a new family... my ROTARY family. I was not a snob but I was contented to have a few close friends. But with Rotary, I gained new friends. Iím richer by 90 more friends and still counting...  The reason why I attend Rotary inductions, is because I am happy with my classmates. Iím the eldest in the family and with Rotary, I am the youngest president. I attend because I learn a lot from my classmates. They help me understand and appreciate Rotary even more. They make me realize that I can make a difference at an early age. They let me be me by simply cracking jokes and asking them things that I need help with like the monthly report, and other stuff.

A closer glimpse of my life when thereís induction.... I typically would bring my clothes and leave it in the car. Mind you, I am already an expert because I can change into the attire required by the club while my best friend or my dad is driving. My best friend would ask me how come I can change right away, and I would jokingly reply, ďEveryday ko na ginagawa ito kasi ayoko ma-late sa inductions, siyempre expert na ako.Ē And after the induction I have my blanket with me and I would lie down at the back seat and sleep. I would literally go home at 12 midnight and be awake at 4:30 for my work. Yes, it is a sacrifice. It is a sacrifice that Iím willing to take for the sake of Rotary and for the sake of friendship.

I NEVER MISSED ANY induction of my classmates... perfect attendance!!!