My Realizations for 2010

To whom much is given, much is really expected. I can now see the reasons why I was given the opportunity to lead a club which is 58 years old. I was given the chance to serve and to make a difference. I’ve never expected how tiring and stressful Rotary is. But at the end of it all... it was ALL WORTH IT. In Rotary, I found real friends and classmates who will be my friends for life. In Rotary, I learned the value of patience and sacrifice. I learned to be strong amidst the trials that may come my way being a young president.

When I first went to Bangkok in 2009 for a conference and with the mission to look for sister club, I never thought that my life would be the same again. It literacy changed my life. I now have my family in Bangkok, my Rotary family. My 2nd visit to Bangkok in November of 2010 already opened my eyes to the things that I can do as a Rotary President. Being able to teach the students already gave me the fulfilment. I saw the way wherein I can be of service. Being with them made me love my profession more and above all love my work as a Rotarian. My 3rd visit to Bangkok in December of 2010 changed my views. The way the other Rotarians took care of us as if we were really their family being amazed me. The family members of the Past Rotary Presidents really showed us their love. The daughter of IPP Sumate was like a sister to me now.

Just like in the book “Great Expectations,” great expectations really immersed without me even asking for it. I’ll be forever grateful to Rotary for giving me the opportunity to serve, to lead, and to make a difference.