Kap Khun Ka Thailand...

Since I became the Rotary Club of Cavite President, so many unexpected things happened to me. Apart from the fact that I can now change into different attires while the car is moving just to catch the induction or to attend an event, a lot of adventures truly transpired in the remaining months of my term.

I consider my Flagship Project in Bangkok as one of the most tiring but yet most rewarding events that Iíve conceptualized. You see, being a teacher, I know the importance of education. Itís one of the things that my parents really instilled in me; to value education and to give importance to it. When the idea came into my mind of going to Thailand as volunteer teachers who will teach the Thai students how to speak in English, Iíve always thought that itís a challenge. Itís challenge because I will be doing the project outside of the Philippines. Another thing is I will be teaching English to students who canít really understand it; plus, we do not speak Thai language. One point to also consider is number of days that we will be absent from our work. But the months of preparations (as early as July) led to a positive feedback.

As early as July, Iíve been in constant communication with my classmate, Pres. Andy in Bangkok. He made sure that we will be well taken care of particularly our safety since it will be in another province, Chaiwan district. Upon our arrival in Udon Thani from Bangkok via Thai Airlines, we took another 1 hour drive going to the province of Chaiwan. When we arrived there I said to myself, ďWow, tinapon talaga kami sa probinsya, good luck naman Em.Ē But when the day of the opening came, I was really surprised and humbled by the welcome extended to us by the school and by the government officials. I canít forget the faces of more than 1,500 students who came there. Their faces went blank when I started to converse to them in English. And so, that was it, the dilemma of making this project work.