Rotary Leadership Institute

An Opportunity I Should'nt Miss

by: GP Em Esteban

I always conserved every opportunity as a blessing. I considered it as a blessing for not everyone is given the chance to serve and to make a difference. I always mention the words “making a difference.” I was given the opportunity to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute.  I’m  now  done  with  course 2  and  is about to take course 3. I literally waited for the course to be offered last September 11, 2010. Why? Because I love to study. I think it is something that really makes me busy. Right after finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I immediately took my Masters and now I’m about to finish my Doctor of Philosophy. But what makes RLI so special? It is the avenue to become “rotarized.”

            It was an opportunity I shouldn’t miss because I can dwell on the subjects that were discussed. At the end of the day’s lesson, I was given the opportunity to speak out my mind and to tell them how fortunate I was to be part of the institute as a student. When I was chosen by IPP Mon, the classmate of my dad, I felt honoured but then at the back of my mind, it’s as if I was floating for I learned so much but how can I summarize it in the 5 minute talk that was assigned to me.

            I cited during my talk something about the novel “Alice in Wonderland.” Alice got lost in the woods and she met the Cheshire cat. The cat asked her where she is going and Alice sobbed and told the cat that she doesn’t know where she is going. SO the cat told Alice that if she doesn’t know where she is going then it is pointless to proceed. But It was not pointless to attend the RLI. We went to the venue to attend RLI with a goal, and that is to serve our respective clubs and if possible beyond the club level.

            Furthermore, I also mentioned what I stated in my speech during the PE breakfast with RIPR Representative. I quoted something from RI President Ray Klingingsmith when he said that do not underestimate a small group of thoughtful and committed people for they can make a difference. I think we should not underestimate ourselves and our clubs. We are that small group of individuals who are thoughtful and committed to make a difference.

            Lastly, I stated that to whom much is given, much is expected. Much is given to us for we were given the opportunity to attend the RLI, much is also expected from us to share whatever it is that we were able to learn from the courses.