Club Profile

Club ID No. 69301
(One of the oldest clubs in the Philippines: since 1952)

The birth of the Rotary Club of Cavite began as a spark of inspiration which caught fire among civic spiritual Caviteño. Rtn. Anong Evangelista of RC Batangas brought the idea of organizing RC Cavite among local professionals as early as April 23, 1952. A month later, he returned with PDG Emy Javier of RC Manila to further discuss the idea. On June 15 of the same year, a group of civic-minded professionals formally organized the Rotary Club of Cavite.

Dr. Jose N. Rosal, Dr. Jesus Tranquilino, and Mr. Felimon Kalugdan were the founding organizers. Elected were former Cavite Representative, Emilio Virata as President, Cavite Governor Ramon Samonte as Vice President, Dr. Jose N. Rosal as Secretary, Asst. Provincial Treasurer Apolonia Damina as Treasurer while Dr. Jesus Tranquilino, Eng. Eduardo Magtoto, and Ricardo M. Fernandez as Directors with Ret. US Navy Officer Menandro Vidal as Sgt.-at-Arms.

On June 27, 1952, RC Cavite became an affiliate of the Rotary International and this also signified the birth of the club which was formally inaugurated on September 13, 1952.

Moving onward from 1975 – 76, the succeeding clubs started working with a theme for the year up to the present. It is interesting to note that many of its past presidents have until now continued as Rotarians.

On 1996 – 1997, Jocelyn R. Ynion became RC Cavite’s first woman president, followed by another woman leader – Virginia A. Olaes on RY 1997 – 1998 who showed how she cared with the theme: Show Rotary Cares.
After her first stint as RC Cavite president on 1997 – 98, again, Viring Olaes showed that she could do more when for 4 consecutive terms, she proved her mettle from 2001 – 2005, a feat which nobody else could equal. As such she deserves to be called the “Superwoman of Rotary”.

A noteworthy endeavor that happened in 2005 was the chartering of RC Cavite. When it was about to degenerate, like a noble captain that she was, Pres. Viring came to the rescue. So on May 15, 2005, Pres. Viring was named Charter President along with Rtn. Swanie Quion as the Charter Secretary. Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone, represented by Rtn. Ismael Mercado and RC Cavite East sponsored the chartering which was composed of twenty (20) members. Pres, Viring also moved for the retention of the club’s name which was a special favor granted only to a very special and respectable person in Rotary.

Rtn.Ric Sañada took over on 2005 – 2006 with the theme, Service Above Self.

Hail to another lady President! In 2006 – 2007, another woman president proved to the Rotary world that gender supremacy is not limited to the supports of machismo. With Rtn. Echie Fancuvilla at the helm, RC Cavite registered twenty eight (28) new members in addition to the eleven (11) old Rotarians. She was the most awarded Leader President in District 3810. RC Cavite only proved that Rotary Leads the Way.

As the club continues with its Rotary mission, another woman president in the person of Ghie Holasca was elected Sharing President in RY 2007 – 2008. She was the driving force that kept the Rotarians alive and committed to its work that brought Rotary Club of Cavite to the frontline of service. She ended her term with eight (8) awards on her laurels.

On RY 2008-2009, in order for the club to continue the Rotary spirit alive and meaningful, RC Cavite elected a man whose dedication and commitment to the club is unquestionable and immeasurable. Rtn. Eugene Doblon, Elementary Master Teacher and photographer by profession is the new Legacy President. The Rotarians believe that Pres. Eugene, just like his predecessors, could also deliver services and achievements for the club. Truly, he could…Make Dreams Real.

On 2009-2010, the Rotarians gave their thumbs up for another man to continue the Rotary wheels rolling in Cavite City, to make its spirit more alive and meaningful and significant. It was a tough job, however VIP Tony do believe that with the past Presidents and fellow Rotarians behind him, the club could deliver services, accomplishments, and achievements to prove to all that the Future of Rotary is in Our Hands.

Last year, Rotary Club of Cavite was led by the daughter of VIP Tony Esteban, Global President Maria Majan "Em" Reyes Esteban, M.A.T. She is the youngest president in the batch and who knows, maybe in the whole Philippines. Global President Em is an educator. With her fresh ideas, and thru her leadership, RC Cavite made a difference even at a young age of 23. Together with a team of committed Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, RCCs, and Earlyacts, they consistently served with the theme: Building Communities and Bridging Continents.

After a year of continuous service and success, another young lady President at the age of 25, preceded Global President Em Esteban on July 1, 2011. This Rotary Year, the Rotary Club of Cavite will be lead by Changemaker President Jerica Liza “Jel” Cauli Baculod; also an Educator and an entrepreneur. She will then carry on the relentless services that were provided and will still be provided by RC Cavite carrying and remembering by heart the theme, Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.