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A typical Filipino woman is known to be simple and homebody. Her time is consumed entirely at home doing all household chores. But that was the type of a Filipina of yester years.

The Filipina of the modern time evolved into a more effective woman. Her range of activities has a wider scope compared to that of the former. She divides her time systematically for home, religious organizations and civic organizations. This is where the members of Hiyas ng Bacoor belongs. They are women of strong determination, full of action, smart and ready to serve.

Hiyas ng Bacoor owes its existence first, to its true creator, Father God Almighty. It’s members believe that it was created to lead God’s call, “Whom shall I send?”  for the love and dedication to serve is the silent answer from the Women of the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor.

On September 10, 2000, President Oscar Garcia of the Rotary Club of Bacoor proposed of organizing a new club sharing its territorial limit and jurisdiction. He appointed Rtrn. Tony Buhat as Chairman of the Committee on club extension. As the survey manifested a positive response, past President Ulping Sapanghila as DGSR, approved of organizing a new club.

President Oscar Garcia’s wife Ann Tess Garcia called up and gathered her Ann’s circle of friend’s, wherein four responded and manifested their full support in the idea of forming a new club intended for women. These ladies full of enthusiasm were Ann Celit Buhat, Ann Grace Navarrete, Ann Tess Castillo and Ann Glo Torrijos. They are the ladies who responded to the call of Ann Tess Garcia. In their combined effort they were able to gather more prospective members.

Several exploratory meetings were conducted at the rotary center of the Rotary Club of Cavite East. Present during these meetings were now PDG Charoy Marquez, DAD Danny Reboya, DGSR Ulping Sapanghila, President Oscar Garcia and other Rotarian members and guests.

Year 2002-2003, Charter President Celita Buhat was then succeeded by the Loving President Sallie C. Lacson who embarked on her projects with full of enthusiasm.

Rotary Year 2003-2004, a Star President took over and in her valuable accomplishments, the club benefited lots of indigent children. Just like our loving president. Star President Flora B. Diaz visited our Sister club in Korea to attend its yearly induction together with the club Director for the Rotary Foundation, Dir. Tess Garcia, Star President Flora B. Diaz also became Paul Harris Fellow just like our past president.

Rotary Year 2004-2005 ushered our Centennial Pres. Grace P. Navarrete and embarked her remarkable projects in all avenues of service. One of these projects, during her term was a prosthesis project in partner with our sister club, the Rotary Club of Pohang Il weol, Korea, through its club Dir. Uoon Shim Kim. As a Centennial Pres. She accomplished a lot of remarkable projects and received many awards just like our past president.

Rotary Year 2005-2006 In this first year of the second Century year of Rotary service 101 President Imelda B. Bernardo manifested her laudable leadership as she steered the way and led the club to accomplished so many projects in every avenues of service including medical/dental mission in line with her classification.

Rotary Year 2006-2007 Pres. Helen G. Masangya focus on clubs mission in serving the community and different projects in every avenue of service. Last July 01, 2006, inspired by the leadership  of DG Lyne A. Abanilla, together with the different clubs in district 3810, the club started this rotary year through a joint project of “Clean Up Manila Bay” which was a successful activity followed by the District Handover and induction Ceremonies in the evening at Manila Hotel.  As a leader President, she accomplished a lot of remarkable projects, received many awards that make her as an outstanding leader President as well as her club. Leader President Helen G. Masangya also become a Paul Harris fellow.

Rotary Year 2007-2008 Sharing President Leonora P. Lapina continued to share during her term. A prosthesis project in partner to the generosity of our sister club Rotary Club of Pohang II Weol, Korea. The sharing president with other club members attended also and witness the induction ceremonies of the said sister club in Korea. With the theme Rotary Shares she did a lot of remarkable projects in all avenues of service and received many awards just like the past president.

This Rotary Year 2008-2009 Legacy President Vilma B. Rico will carry on with the  Rotary motto of Service Above Self and this year’s theme of “Make Dreams Real” and will work hand-in-hand with the club’s other officers and members, through the guidance of past presidents who will stand as mentors in pursuing the club’s goal and objectives.

As the club continue with it’s rotary mission, this year Rotary International Theme “MAKE DREAMS REAL” will be the driving force that will keep Rotarians in the district totally committed to this organization that has always stood for service, integrity, and high ethical standards in business and professions.