Melchor "Mel" C. Arbis

President, RY 2008-2009

Dear Fellow Rotarians,


RI President Dong Kurn “DK” Lee, RY2008-09, in his message to the RI Convention on June 18, 2008 at Los Angeles, CA USA, said that “Our job is to MAKE DREAMS REAL. We will turn those dreams of a safe and happy childhood – a childhood that becomes a long and healthy life – into a reality because all the world’s children are our children. And our job is a simple one. It is saving lives with our hearts and our minds and our souls. And if, in 2008-09, every one of us does this job well, at the end of our year we will all have achieved something wonderful.”

Then, our dedicated Legacy D-3810 Governor Josefina “JOSIE” Ang, RY2008-09, in her message to the District Assembly on May 17, 2008 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines, said that “Rotary teems with men of hearts extending their blessings to people in need. In the process of helping others, a multitude of wonderful things return. Where good intentions spring, so will the tide of support and good will. Such is the spirit that keeps Rotary standing tall, as the most meaningful, the most prestigious organization in the world….. It is wonderful that “Rotary Shares,” not just friendship but dreams too. By cultivating quality leadership and working towards a common goal, we will surely “Make Dreams Real!” 

And so, my dear fellow Rotarians, as Legacy President for RY2008-09 – the 13th president of this club, may I have the honor to lead you, to energize you to a greater heights of performance, devotion, support, and commitments to the Plans and Objectives of our club in harmony with the above-named RI President’s and D-3810 Governor’s message of encouragement.

Our dreams of service are simply a challenge, a never-ending activity – the work of all the members united in the completion of our mission. We need to make an attitude of service as a way of life of serving the needy especially saving lives of children which requires everybody to serve and live with the highest esthetic of fulfillment in one’s individual life.

With the Light Eternal on our side Who loves and smiles, we will make a difference for the Rotary Club of Imus East this rotary year in order to Make Dreams Real. Mabuhay! 


MELCHOR “Mel”  C.  ARBIS (sgd.)

13th Club President, “Legacy Team”