Every time I recall how RC Imus Independencia came about, I couldnít help but associate its history to the battle of Alapan.  A move towards independence which ended to the first display of the Filipino Flag in Barangay Alapan, Imus, Cavite.  We may not have shed blood to establish and reestablish it but just the same it  was a process honed by difficulty coupled with strong determination.  It was a struggle from start to finish - a struggle that did not even slightly dampen the spirits of the participants, may they be cast in major roles or minor onesÖ but instead persevered on their goal to set themselves free from bondage.


I was then an AG during the term of PDG Joel Tinitigan when I first thought of reestablishing RC Imus Aguinaldo.  For me, itís an accomplishment as AG if I could be of help to a ding club.  But my effort failed because Chito Dakkis the supposed centennial President couldnít find time to make it.  My enthusiasm didnít stop there, so I tried it once again.  On the term of PDG Ed Tumangan where I served AG for the second time, I even invited the group of RC Aguinaldo twice in my office for a meeting.  I remember, Mel Nave who was supposed the president for PDG Edís term joined us on a breakfast in Manila Hotel tendered by the latter thru my invitation.


The commitment to serve by many of itís members despite the departure of Mel Nava to Australia created in me the sense to rekindle this noble mission but was not actualized not having spirit of dejection, I still pursued in organizing a new club and be a whole part of it.  I believe people with the same vision, united by purpose, and bridged by friendship attract each other better.  For the making of a new club some members from RC Aguinaldo and Hiyas ng Imus joined me in this cause, ďTHE BIRTH OF RC IMUS INDEPENDENCIA.Ē